Black Friday Deals for Designers and Developers

Black Friday is here again. When you’re busy preparing for the holidays it’s all too easy to let it slip by. There are some excellent deals in this listing of premium design/development products. We suggest you set aside the time to browse through it to see if there is something that would be a good investment.

Coming across a product that could make your day while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee is about as good as it gets.

A popular advertising saying is "buy it now as the price will never be lower". That may or may not be the case, but you really don’t want to let this Black Friday pass by. You don’t have to wait until next year to find out if the saying is true.

1. Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder

Let’s start with Elementor, a free open source page builder that enables you to create websites exactly as you’ve envisioned them to be and do so without any need for coding. What makes this website-building tool so special is that it was designed with a specific objective in mind — the ability of a web designer to build a website without becoming "stuck" in a theme or running up against restrictions that require an excessive amount of clever design or coding to circumvent — if they can be circumvented at all.

Elementor’s building block approach in combination with a futuristic set of header, footer, and content customizing features gives designers the freedom they need to build what they want, and this page-builder’s crazy-fast performance lets you do so in record time.

Elementor also offers live, frontend editing, works with any template or theme, and is also developer friendly. While Elementor’s free plan is a good choice for a starter, its paid plans have much more to offer and can be yours at a 25% Black Friday discount.

2. Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer’s page-building plugin is the editor of choice of many WordPress themes including a number of the most popular ones. As popular as this plugin has become, the Visual Composer Website Builder has more to offer than most WordPress website building themes, including those that already use the VC page-building plugin.

To celebrate Black Friday, the Visual Composer Website Builder team is offering a generous 50% discount on all licenses; an extremely good deal when everything you’ll be able to accomplish when using this product is taken into account.

It isn’t only designers that benefit by investing in VC. Developers will as well thanks to the VC API and its tools that make possible projects once considered to be out of reach due to the technical and design challenges they presented.

3. MapSVG WordPress map plugin

MapSVG WordPress map plugin

There are times when a web design tool comes along that’s not only capable of adding some impressive features to a website but is also fun to use and play around with. The MAPSVG WordPress map plugin is such a tool. You can expect to get a kick out of discovering everything MAPSVG offers and planning how to put its many interesting and exciting features to work.

This is an excellent Black Friday selection. You can work with Google maps and create vector maps and image maps, turn a PNG or JPG image into an interactive map, display popups, add markers, and on and on. Map styles not only include roadmaps, satellite maps and terrain maps, but hybrids of them.

Even boring map has its uses as far as providing useful information is concerned, but with MAPSVG you can do so much better.

4. Visme


If you find yourself design skill challenged whenever you’re preparing a presentation or trying to tell a story, let Visme do the difficult work for you. Visme takes potentially boring material and transforms it into a set of stunning visuals, plus you’ll benefit by learning valuable presentation techniques as you use it.

This all-in-one visual communication tool makes producing awesome presentations quick and easy. It’s a great Black Friday pick. Use discount code THANKS19 at checkout to get the Blockbuster Visme deal – Save 30% off of any Individual or Business Plan.

5. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise Website Builder

You can pay good money for a product featuring over 1,500 cool templates, blocks, and themes and a whole host of supporting icons, fonts, and free images — and have no trouble convincing yourself that you more than got your money’s worth.

Imagine how you’ll feel if you celebrate Black Friday with a purchase of Mobirise. It has all the above, but at a 91% discount!

6. Savah


This Black Friday gem consists of an impressive collection of prototyping tools that are among the best on the market for creating, sharing, testing, and storing mobile app prototypes as well as automating and speeding up design workflows.

With a built-in to-do list its super useful to keep track all the feedback at one place. Sync your design with your Sketch plugin, Dropbox and Google and play offline prototypes on the Savah mobile app.

7. Movedo


MOVEDO is another tool that combines fun with usefulness. It’s fun to work with and provides entertainment for your website users, the kind of entertainment (based on special motion dynamics) that tends to engage them and improve your conversion rates.

This WP theme adjusts to your creative instincts like no other. Move your mouse and the rest of the world moves with it! MOVEDO is yours at a 50% discount on Black Friday only.


We’d be surprised indeed if you didn’t find something to your liking in this impressive selection. It might be something you’ve wanted to purchase for some time. It might be a product you weren’t even aware of up to now (like a super-cool mapping tool for example) and can’t wait to try out.

In any event, we hope you won’t let this Black Friday slip away. Invest in something that will definitely make your day.

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