BeTheme’s Pre-Made Layouts may Change The Way You Create Sites

Pre-made layouts represent concepts. They are powerful building tools that will help you get your project off to a quick start. They also serve as idea generators and brainstorming tools.

Pre-made layouts represent concepts. They are powerful building tools that will help you get your project off to a quick start. They also serve as idea generators and brainstorming tools. What a pre-made layout can do for you is to transform a good idea into a better one, saving you significant development time in the process.

Halfway there with pre-made layouts

The pre-made layout examples shown here are just a sample of what is available. As you browse through them, you may begin to see how you could use one or more of them to your advantage. With a little editing, you can easily morph one of these layouts into something that begins to resemble a design idea you’ve been carrying around with you.

Note: These pre-made layout examples are taken from Be WordPress Theme – a Themeforest bestseller.


These layouts are almost ridiculously easy to upload and edit, and you are about to learn just how easy the process is. As you get deeper in the editing process, you will soon discover the many advantages these useful tools bring to the table.

Pre-made layouts are easy to install and edit

The step-by-step instructions on how to install and edit a Be Theme pre-made layout are not at all complicated, in fact, it can be compressed into a one-minute video that will demonstrate how easy the entire process really is.

As you can see, installing and editing is not difficult at all, – Be Theme is like that. Once you have installed one of the many layouts this premium theme offers, and once you have begun using the theme’s many features, you will feel yourself progressing from novice to expert in a remarkably short time.

You will be creating page after page effortlessly, and the tedious chores often involved in paying strict attention to detail can now be managed with a few clicks.

Fast and responsive support

Have you ever purchased a software product only to find the customer support is at best spotty, or in the worst case, practically non-existent? Unfortunately, a few theme producers are like that, although to be fair, the support offered for most WordPress themes is pretty decent.

Only a few customer service departments however can be said to provide true world class service and support, and the Be Theme author and support staff fits that description perfectly.


You will get your questions answered, and your problems (which should be few and far between) resolved, promptly, efficiently, and courteously – 24/7.

IMAGE: Themeforest

Core features that may interest you

Be Theme comes with an impressive list of core features, some you cannot do without, others you will please to have ready and handy wherever and whenever.

Topping the list is the 100+ ready-to-use, pre-made layouts – more layouts by far than any other responsive theme – premium or otherwise, and each of which can be installed with a single click.


Putting together a short list of the remaining core features isn’t the easiest of tasks, since there are so many useful and powerful features associated with Be Theme; but here are several you will find useful:

Be Theme’s Drag and Drop Muffin Builder is itself resplendent with useful features. This page builder makes creating virtually any type of page or post a quick and easy task. Muffin Builder is especially useful in creating complex pages, such product pages and portfolios.

1. Admin Panel

The Admin Panel serves as the theme’s operations central, from the time you have uploaded the layout of your choosing, until you are attending to the last possible detail in your page design. The power of this feature lies in the ability to customize your page in any way you want, without a single line of code.

2. Layouts Configurator

The Layouts Configurator comes in handy when you are building a website where you want a number of pages to be unique in their own way, as opposed to having to rely on a standard template. It provides a good way for you to show off your creative genius.

Core features that are the modern standard, and of extreme importance, include Responsive and Retina Ready, WPNL and RTL Ready, SEO and cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. Be Theme is also WooCommerce-compatible.

3. ShortCode Generator

The ShortCode Generator is a super handy, time-saving feature to have available when importing a demo layout, as it enables you to insert any element contained in the demo anywhere on a page you are building.

Other core features of interest and importance include the 1-Click Skin Generator, Parallax Effect, and Custom Widgets. Lifetime updates are certainly worthy of mention, and Be Theme’s world class support is worthy of mention one more time.

Try it out for yourself

There is much more to this responsive WordPress theme than could possibly be described in an overview of this size, and you are invited to explore further to see for yourself everything this premium theme has to offer.


Browsing Be Theme‘s entire library of pre-made layouts, and its impressive list of features, will give you a much better understanding of how you could put this premium theme to good use, and how the beauty, and elegance of the layouts can be reflected in your creative output.