Black and White Photography: 100 Pieces of Exquisite Portrait

A good portrait reveals something about its subject beyond the immediate appearance of the photograph. It includes layers of meaning and depth that portray the person as a whole, not just the superficial initial impression. Great portraits give us an idea of who the person really is, beyond what they’re trying to outwardly depict.

Portraits done in black and white add an additional layer of complexity to their subject. The choice to appear void of color says something about the person, though what it says varies greatly between people. Below are 100 stunning black and white portraits to give you inspiration in your designs. The range of subjects and what their portraits say about them run across the entire spectrum of the human experience, and you’re sure to find something that resonates.

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Funeral by ultramaryna

The Queen by zemotion

black and white . bricks by beautifullydestructed

I’ll tell you a story… by alejka

Laughing with by iNeedChemicalX

Bitter Sweet Symphony by iNeedChemicalX

Black Desire by UnaObsesion

FANatic new by Nigrita

On my mind by liquidsunnyday

Smoke on the moon by azarova

The running man by Mattrobbyattack

Lyrical by moodychick

06 by bezglowa

I’m free by dashka-takes-photos

Sarmata by polska

Aye Aye C’ptain by TFraser

Secret garden II by electricbird

Ethiopia-Dassanetch by marjanvanthielen

Close your eyes by Kvikken

Dilan by kentsiz

The last smoke… by rocker-sanjog

In the cold light of morning by DisposableMe

Black & White Portrait by Lars Willem Veldkampf

Landon BP Black & White Portrait by Steven Hart

Fisherman by womanish

The Girl and the Baby by OneOnOne Photography

Nathan johnny nikon

Antonino by sam cartelli

Nikkormat by Studio d’Xavier

Old man with a cigarette by LouisWu

Dancing in Bare Feet by dfg photography

Turkish Market Seller by keith

Jinny in Black and White by TXphotoblog

Oh my friends you haven’t changed by Ornelia Olivieri

liviachicca by Ornelia Olivieri

TRP: Me and My Camera by Studio d’Xavier

6/100 Duff by Studio d’Xavier

Portrait of a Punk Girl by Havovubu

Damian by Burgunda

Passin’ the Time by Joel Bedford

8037 by Dmitry Medvedev

Day 30 by Murraynewphotos

Untitled Girl Portrait by tuturuuu

Untitled Portrait by MOSH S.K


Crying Girl by LouisWu

I hate my obvious freckles by nikki psych ward

Market stall worker by StephenQi

Gioty by paranenormalus

Stare by violin-sonata

AH by Krstnn Hrmnsn

“The Pigeon Man” by Elliotphotos

Che Boris 2 by FrankZimper

Black and White by mariemadeame

Binki by Pichead

Black Swan by zemotion

Black by BittersweetDisease

Eye black and white by Ashleigh07Art

Black and White by KarinePaula

Another Amber by Jibby!

Sophie in black and white by Palindroom

Julia by photomek

Hush now by iNeedChemicalX


New Hope Childrens Home by nick barta

Black white portrait by lafaette

Black and White by Fragoline

Black and white by lkopuz

White 2 by Coffeestain

Hearts turn black and white by iNeedChemicalX

Menja lady, Sheka forest, Ethiopia by ngari.norway

Freedom In Black And White 1 by kreestal

Untitled Portrait of a Girl by Lisa Askew

Wisdom by pastaboy sleeps

Warmth by pastaboy sleeps

Et l’anarchie de julien by salusmarc

Black Cherry by waga27

GPS 8 Rose Black and White by Rubarb

Black and White II by Orzz

Summer BW by larafairie

Movie Star Black and White by Adam25Toronto

Girl in a white dress by LesiaV

White + Black by maliciousfaerie

JOE! by Martin Quiroz Photography

Black and white by infernalphotography

Deitra 04 by Jason Stair

Warm Place II by SynthTwins

Beth – Silhouette by larafairie

Zoe by c1po

Jana by LudovicMazet

Manu by LudovicMazet

Sells Hamsters by Roman Abramovich

Black and White by lucaspagnuoli

Black by johnwaters

Black and white by zakharova

Paint it black and white by krecique

Black Hole Sun by berzerker-sk

Black Sun by fatallook

The peter pan by muszka

Black Math by rabatz

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