Generate, Preview and Download App Icons with This Tool

The Google Play and iOS app stores are the big two spots to publish apps. They both have very specific requirements for submissions which include certain app icon sizes.

With App Iconizer, you can automate the icon exporting process by resizing your app icons to all the appropriate specs.

It’s a totally free web app with a very simple purpose: upload your application icon to get all the related file sizes automatically.

This app requires a minimum image size of 1024×1024 which is the largest app icon design you’ll need. This is the required size to use App Iconizer and it will not resize anything smaller.

Once you upload the file, it’ll do some crunching on the backend to automate all icon sizes for Android and iOS devices. You can download these new sizes in .zip files all properly named and ready to go.

App Iconizer upload

Apple has very different standards compared to Android, so designers often need to use Photoshop actions or Sketch automation plugins on their icon designs. With App Iconizer, you can save yourself the grief and automate the whole thing right from your browser.

Just be aware that you need your icon already styled and ready to go before uploading. Typically, this does not include the rounded corners because Apple/Google handle these features on their end.

But, your uploaded icon should be the final product ready to publish. Once you download the .zip files of all the converted icons, you can copy/paste them to your working directory and get your app ready to submit into the app store of your choice.

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