10 Free Apps for LinkedIn You Need To Know

If you are reading this, chances are you have a profile on LinkedIn, the popular networking site for professionals. It doesn’t matter if you like or hate the network (plenty of supporters on either side of the fence) anyone who wants to tap into its network of more than 300 million members will want in on that piece of pie.

To help you with that, we have here a list of apps – found within and outside LinkedIn – that can help you do more with your LinkedIn profile, and help you improve your value as a professional worker, in general.

From knowledge builders, to connection-making apps, powerful search engines and free templates to help you better approach a potential client, here are 10 applications to help you supercharge your personal value in LinkedIn.

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1. Resume Builder

This nifty app converts your LinkedIn profile into a clean professional-looking resume within seconds. Choose form 11 templates to create your resume: Clean, Executive, Classic, Gray, Orange, Slice, Law, Twocol, Business, Blue and White, then add special formatting using Markdown.

You can also share, manage and print your resume directly from the app itself. The only drawback to Resume Builder is that you can’t edit your resume without editing your LinkedIn profile first.

2. INstant Search

Don’t let INstant Search’s simple appearance fool you. Login then type any keywords related to your field into the search box, and the app will instantly pull out the profiles of LinkedIn users whom you probably know in real life – even if they’re not officially in your LinkedIn network.

3. Advanced Search

For people whose top priority is expanding their current networks, INstant Search might enough. But if you’re looking for someone specific, you can use Advanced Search to find them.

Use a specific first name, last name, company, title, relationship connection level, location, or other specific keywords and Advanced Search can narrow down your search with the selected parameters and help you find that person pronto.

4. Job Search

LinkedIn launched its own Job Search mobile app back in June 2014 giving LinkedIn users fresh job alerts, customizable search and recommendation for suitable jobs etc. It also dishes out vital information on the companies you want to apply for.

This is exactly what you need to tailor your application, stand out in interviews, and prove that you’re a good fit for your dream company. [iOS only]

5. SlinkyApp

SlinkyApp takes the stress out of crafting tailored introductions for every new LinkedIn contact, and you know how important it is to make a good first impression. SlinkyApp helps you create and edit templates for Introductions, Messages and InMails.

The app, which is available as a Chrome extension, will pop up and ready itself for use, everytime you visit a relevant page on LinkedIn.

6. Connected

When it comes to LinkedIn, quality connections matter. LinkedIn’s Connected helps you develop these connections by notifying you of contacts’ birthdays, anniversaries, and other important life events.

With this information, you can drop your contacts a quick message and show that they are a valuable part of your network, just as much as you will be a valuable part to theirs. [iOS only]

7. BlinkChat

If you’re looking for a way to send instant messages to your LinkedIn contacts, look no further than BlinkChat. BlinkChat lets you send both online and offline messages, the latter of which is useful when the person you want to chat with is away at the moment.

The app also imports your contacts and keep them within your reach all day, every day.

Click here for the Android version of BlinkChat.

8. ThinkerTen

Want to know whether you have quality connections or not? ThinkTen can answer that question with its analysis feature, which generates numbers and graphs based on data from your network.

The app also has other capabilities but most of them can’t top what LinkedIn already has built in. Still, we live in a time when analytics can be the feature that makes or breaks an opportunity, so why not give it a go. [Android only]

9. SlideShare Presentations

Boosting your knowledge bank may not have a direct effect on your LinkedIn influence, but it does make you a more interesting person in general. With SlideShare Presentations you can explore presentations, videos and other visual content about (almost) any topic under the sun.

You can also follow top tech companies, keep track of trending topics, and even save your favorite presentations for offline reading!

Click here for the Android version of Slideshare Presentations.

10. Pulse

If you access LinkedIn from a desktop computer, you’ll notice that Pulse is automatically a part of your profile (mobile users need to install the app separately). Similar to SlideShare Presentations, Pulse is a knowledge booster, albeit one that concentrates on written, rather than visual content.

You can keep abreast of the latest trends in your industry, share content on your other social networks, and save your favorite stories on Evernote, Pocket, and Readability.

Click here for the Android version of Slideshare Presentations.

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