15 Animated Progress Bars For Your Inspiration

Progress bars have one function that is, to inform the user about the progress of the task and how much time it’s going to take for it to finish. This makes it a useful UX element for websites, surveys and other web assets.

This post features some of the most creatively-designed progress animated progress bars that’ll inspire you to make one for your own project. You’ll find minimal and ingenious designs in this showcase. Let’s take a look.

40+ Creative Progress Bar Designs, Vol. 2

40+ Creative Progress Bar Designs, Vol. 2

A progress bar is a graphical representation of the completion of a task, and it is a crucial... Read more

#1 @Alex Bender

#2 @Matjaz Valentar
#3 @Shunsuke Kawai
#4 @Chalom Asseraf
#5 @Chris Slowik
#6 @Lena Zaytseva
#7 @Gal Shir
#8 @Asif Adnan
#9 @Alex Bender

#10 @Gale G.
#11 @Oleg Frolov
#12 @Max Brinckmann

#14 @Chuhan Cao
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