How to Create the Perfect Email Newsletter Campaign [Infographic]

Looking for some tips on how to produce a perfect email campaign or newsletter, one that gets opened, delivers the message the right way and increases your chance of getting a reply? Here’s an infographic that can help answer those questions related to newsletter campaign plus a whole lot more.

It looks at which element greatly influences your campaign’s response rate, how to write the best eye-catching subject line and/or header, how to avoid the spam filter, how to personalize your product recommendations, when to send out your emails, the right call-to-action to put in, and more.

There is also a checklist near the bottom to help you ensure you have all the right components for a great email campaign. Check out the infographic in its entirety below and share this with someone you know who could use the tips to perfect their own email campaign.

Email Campaign Tips infographic

(H/T: Marketing Cloud)