60+ Tools To Enhance Your Flickr Experience

Being a popular online image platform, Flickr has enabled Internet users to manage and share digital photos easily as long as there’s an Internet connection. Flickr is a revolution for photo sharing and management plus it has a huge community of photographers who provide great photos there for the world to see.

However, speaking of its graphical user interface, it seems not really user-friendly in term of viewing and searching photos on Flickr. Flickr is more than a normal image management website. It’s a source of creativity, a pilgrimage of natural beauty, a fun and interesting place for inspiration too (at least for us).

If you’re a Flickr regular user like us, we believe you can explore Flickr in a better way with below quality tools which based on Flickr API. Here’s 60+ tools to enhance your Flickr experience.

Flickr Downloaders & Uploaders

Tools that enable you to download or upload series of photos to Flickr.

  1. Flickr Importr

    Flickr Importr is a tool for Windows that allows you to upload images to Flickr and automatically add them to groups and sets. Additionally it can import tags from a variety of third party image applications.


  2. Flishr

    Flishr is a primer application to Download, Upload and Search photos from one central command console on your PC.


  3. FlickrFaves

    FlickrFaves is a small utility for downloading high-resolution versions of your Flickr favorites to your harddrive. FlickrFaves is a cross-platform utility written in Java.


  4. FlickrDown

    Save pictures locally and selecting them one at a time to download was too much of a hassle. This program allows you to download them more easily.


  5. FlickrDownloadr

    With Downloadr, you can search, browse and batch download multiple Flickr pictures based on image tag (s), Flickr username, Groups Pools, Flickr user sets or even Interesting Flickr pictures of any particular day.


  6. Gnickr

    Gnickr allows you to manage photos on your Flickr site as if they were local files on your Gnome desktop. It does this by creating a Flickr virtual filesystem.


  7. UploadrXL

    UploadrXL is a program to upload one or more images to Flickr and add them immediately to your Sets of Groups.


  8. Foldr Monitr

    Foldr Monitr is a free tool that runs in the background and watches a selected folder (and optionally subfolders) waiting for you to add photos to it. When photos appear in the folder, Foldr Monitr automatically uploads them to your Flickr account for you.


Flickr Search Engines

Powerful new photo search engines that work with the Flickr API.

  1. CompFight

    Compfight is a great new tool that uses Flickr’s API to search the database of photos and then feeds back the results as live clickable thumbnails.


  2. Flickr Flipper

    Flickr Flipper allows you to search for Flickr photos and also search for photos from specific Flickr users. It uses Papervision to display the photos one at a time and even allows you to download the photo to your computer.


  3. FlickrStorm

    Flickerstorm is a new way to search through Flickr photos. You can easily search through photos by entering a subject or topic. Flickrstorm will pull up relevant photo thumbnails through which you can scroll.


  4. PictureSandbox

    Picturesandbox.com uses the Flickr search APIs to return images by all users on Flickr.


  5. Tag Galaxy

    TagGalaxy offers up a novel concept concerning Flickr and tags. The set up, as you can probably guess, is influenced by space. Essentially, Flickr tags are.


  6. FlickRiver

    Flickriver is an new way to explore and view Flickr photographs. Flickriver has many additional Flickr photo views – user recent photos, favorites, sets, user and everyone’s photos by tag.


  7. Tiltomo

    With Tiltomo, you can play with our Visual Search code using two sample databases from flickr. Getting started is easy, search for a tag or click random. Look for an image you like, click one of the Find Similar links under the image.


  8. flickrleech

    Flickrleech is a simple site based on the Flickr API that pulls up as many as 200 Flickr thumbnails at one time.


  9. findr

    The most interesting feature of this experiment is the ability to refine your search by eliminating tags. When you click on a tag, flickr returns that tag’s list of related tags. Findr then compares that list with the previous list(s) of tags and displays the intersection.


Flickr Slide Show & Gallery Makers

Tools that allows you to create a photo gallery or slide show with different presentation methods.

  1. Slideoo

    Slideoo is a new web app for Flickr users that lets you create horizontal streaming slideshows of your Flickr photos. You can specify the albums from which you’d like Slideoo to pull photos, photo width, and the number of photos to be included in the show.


  2. Flickr AutoDownloadr

    Flickr AutoDownloadr is a small, freeware Windows application written using the Flickr API and AutoIt. Using it, you can pick any photos from Flickr – yours, your friends’, random strangers’ – and create a slideshow from them, which displays in a fullscreen window.


  3. Picsviewr

    Picsviewr provides a wide variety of slideshows (currently 7) for viewing your Flickr photos with more flexibility. Every Flickr user has a slideshow here. There is no need to create an account or configure anything and your preferences are saved.


  4. flickrSLiDR

    flickrSLiDR allows you to easily embed the classic flickr slideshows on your website or blog. All you need to do is enter the flickr URL address of the user, photo set or group you would like to embed along with some options. You’ll receive the HTML embed code in return.


  5. Pictobrowser

    PictoBrowser is a free web application that displays Flickr images on websites and blogs.


  6. Fotoviewr

    You and your friends can look at your photos by clicking on page after HTML page or you can immerse yourself in a highly interactive and engaging 3D interface.


  7. MooPix

    MooPix lets you access your public Flickr photos without doing PHP, Ruby, or Python situps. What you do with it is your perrogative.


  8. Flickr Image Gallery

    An Ajax image gallery with fade effects for transitioning of images and populated using JSON data.


Interesting Flickr Tools

Explore how Flickr can be interesting when interacts with other Flickr tools.

  1. Multicolr Search Lab

    With the Multicolr Search Lab, you can browse through 10 million of Flickr’s most interesting Creative Commons images, and find ones that share the same colours. Choose up to 10 colours from our palette of 120 different shades.


  2. Colr Pickr

    ColrPickr uses a color wheel which is used to find Flickr photos on the basis of color. Choose from a set of picture themes, e.g. flowers, graffiti, doors and windows, textures and urban decay, among others, to set your color.


  3. Tilt Viewer

    A free, customizable 3D Flash image viewing application.


  4. FlickrVision

    Flickrvision is a webapp that displays the newest uploads to the popular photo-sharing service, Flickr. As the globe spins, photos pop up from every continent, featuring landscapes, architecture, people, animals, food, and anything imaginable.


  5. Flickr Logo Makr

    Flickr Logo Makr allows you to make flickr style logo.


  6. Spell With Flickr

    Spell with Flickr is a fun little program that invites users to type in whatever they want to, then matches each letter of that word with letter pictures straight from Flickr.


  7. fastr

    A flickr game to guess the tag of a photo.


  8. Tagman Flickr

    agMan is a game that combines the classic hangman game with tags. Tags are used to label the subject or category of blog posts, photos and other items on the web.


Flickr Wallpapers

Find wallpapers in Flickr and bring them to your desktop.

  1. Fleace

    Fleace, the Flickr-Enabled Automatic Changer for Everyone, is a free wallpaper changer that retrieves pictures from Flickr based on topics of your choice.


  2. Wallpapr

    A nice, simple Ajax app that will spit out a bunch of photo wallpapers from Flickr’s Wallpapers pool on command. Type to search for wallpapers using keywords of your interest, you will get results as thumbnails in Wallpaper.


Miscellaneous Flickr Tools

Tools that assist you in exploring Flickr.

  1. Color Hunter

    Color Hunter is a place to find and make color palettes created from images. When you search for color palettes by tag, ColorHunter.com searches Flickr.com via Flickr’s API for images labeled with the tag you entered. The thumbnails of the Flickr images are used to create a color palette.


  2. Flickr Graph

    Flickr Graph is an application that explores the social relationships inside flickr.com. It makes use of the classic attraction-repulsion algorithm for graphs.


  3. GetFlickr

    Retrieve original size of any photo on Flickr. GetFlickr will allow you to retrieve original photos from flickr.com using the public API.


  4. Flickr Finder (Mac only)

    Flickr Finder is a Mac-only application that lets you browse Flickr photos without a browser. The interface is similar to the Mac Finder.


  5. earth album

    earth album is a simpler, slicker Flickr mash-up that allows you to explore some of the most stunning photos in the world courtesy of Google maps and Flickr.


  6. Preloadr

    Preloadr is a neat little tool that offers free photo editing for Flickr. You just log in to Flickr and give Preloadr permission to access your account – you can then choose an image to crop, rotate or flip.


  7. Gickr

    Gickr.com lets you instantly create Animated GIF online, free, by grabbing photos from your Flickr.


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