20 Addictive iPhone Games

A collection of best iOS games that are so addictive and interesting that you'll be glued to your phone all the time.

Mobile games are meant to give you a good entertainment opportunity when you’re bored or just want to give your mind a break. However, some games are so engaging that you tend to get addicted to them.

Well, I myself is guilty of being addicted to CandyCrush and FarmVille once, but it was only till I got to know that there are some other cool addictive games on iPhone that I can lose myself in to.

If you want some interesting games that you can binge-play all the time, take a look at this list of iPhone’s most addictive games. These games range from brain games and mind-soothers to all-time classic games like Super Mario.

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Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2 is an adventure game where legendary heroes fight each other to claim rewards. It is a sequel to the famous Seven Knights game and is packed with action and hours of fun.

You get to recruit your favourite heroes, following a captivating storyline and collect all heroes to build your own team. You also get to defeat enemies, collect rewards and power ups, and gain skills.

Baba Is You

Baba Is You is a puzzle game for iPhone that keeps you hooked up for hours. The most interesting thing about the game is that you can change the rules of the game in each level. You can interact with the rules and change how the level works.

The game has a cute and minimal interface with interesting graphics. You will get a new surprise at each turn of the level which makes it really challenging for the players.

Unruly Heroes

Here’s one for the action lovers. Unruly Heroes is a 2D adventure-filled game with amazing animations and hand-drawn graphics. There’s an elaborate backstory based on Chinese folklore with a hilarious touch.

You follow the journey of a master and his three disciples who solve puzzles, collect loot, and slay demons on their way to the destination. Such a captivating storyline and amazing graphics will keep you nothing but glued to your iPhone.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

Cash Bandicoot is a fast-paced running game that’s full of surprises for the users. You run, spin, swipe, and smash into stuff all while fulfilling an interesting mission to save the multiverse.

In the game you’ll see legendary locations and famous bosses with a whole gamut of running challenges. You can play it as a single player or ask your friends to join in for different challenges and unlock locations along the way.

LEGO® Star Wars

Either you’re a fan of LEGO or the Star Wars enterprise (or both), this is the game for you. LEGO Star Wars is a complete saga that is a game in itself and a sequel to the LEGO StarWars II with six amazing episodes of fun and adventure.

The game has some fantastic graphics and interface that makes it a pretty large app (something that you need to keep in mind when installing it on your iPhone). It has 36 story-mode levels, more than a hundred characters, and amazing gameplay.

Cut the Rope Remastered

Cut the Rope Remastered is an iPhone game based on the Cut the Rope puzzle game and Om Nom who’s the popular sweet tooth character. You follow an interesting story with fun obstacles.

In a fast-paced gameplay, you are required to cut the rope, avoid obstacles, and deliver candy to Om Nom. You join Om Nom on a hiking adventure through 9 levels and collect your rewards.

My Friend Pedro

In the first look My Friend Pedro looks like a cute game with an adorable banana. However, the game takes a surprising and rather gruesome turn when this cute banana takes up the guns to avenge his family.

Among blood, bullets, and bananas, you fire your way through many action-packed levels. On your way you get to ride a motor bike and even a skateboard. The banana is ripe for revenge and you are hooked to the game.

Rocket League Sideswipe

A game with soccer and cars, Rocket League Sideswipe is a fast-paced game with an easy-to-learn gameplay. You just have to dunk the ball in your opponent’s net and your opponent will try to do the same but you have to stop them.

You can customise your car, unlock amazing items, and enjoy private matches with friends. There are also different modes to play the game, you’ll just have to see which one would you like the most.


Did you learn about Norse mythology at school? Well, it’s time to put your knowledge about Norse gods to test with Northgard. You get to conquer new shores and build your own settlement on newly-discovered lands.

As the tribe’s chief, you get to assign different jobs to your Vikings, manage resources to survive the winter, expand into new territories, and achieve different victories.

Alien: Isolation

Inspired by 1979 movie ‘Aliens’ this amazing game Alien: Isolation lets you have a complete experience of survival among aliens.

The game follows a truly captivating storyline and lets you into a challenging quest where you have to improvise and survive the obstacles. With its amazing visuals a UI tailored for mobile, you’ll forget all other games.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends – Wild Rift is a battle arena game with interesting challenges. It comes with 5v5 MOBA action experience, crazy team fights, and an amazing gameplay.

You can select your champion character, create strategies to tackle obstacles, and team up with friends yo face off challenges. There are different levels each with its own rewards, customisation, and champions.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you get to become a campsite manager. You are in charge of decorating and setting up your camp, and to do so, you must complete various tasks for animals. And to level up your fun, you can also run the camp for visitors, visit your friends’ campsites, and explore multiple recreational opportunities.

Madden NFL Football

MADDEN NFL Football takes you to a virtual soccer field with all your favorite legends. You get to build your squad and manage the team to play championships. As you win games and climb to higher levels, you get to unlock exciting rewards along the way.


HQ is an entertaining, live trivia quiz game. You need to answer quizzes in the game, and you also stand a chance to earn prize money by winning the quizzes. The game starts at 9 pm EDT on weekdays and 3 pm EDT on weekends, and HQ includes jackpots too.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run, a modern version of the classic game, is packed with mind-boggling jumps and stunts. You get to play different modes with aims such as rescuing a princess, building a kingdom, challenging people from around the world, and so on. Also, you can change characters, add buildings and decorations, and do more to enjoy the game.


In FROST, you have to draw the path to direct a cluster of spirits back to their planets. The game offers a myriad of beautiful, outer-world creatures such as particle hunters, fountains of lights, supergravity shepherds, and many more. It lets you explore the wonders of the universe with these lovely creatures who emerge from the light.


Hearthstone is a card battling game, which needs you to use cards to accomplish exciting missions on a battlefield and challenge duels with other players. Along the game, you need to apply strategy, grow your collection of cards, and do a lot more.

Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge is an exciting and highly challenging game that lets you explore your engineering skills. You get tasked with building bridges to guide a car to its destination. You can try to use various equipment to build different bridges like double deckers, drawbridges, suspensions, and to help the vehicle to glide through.

Monument Valley 2

In Monument Valley 2, little Ro and her mother need your guidance through various mazes. The game has beautiful buildings and illusionary pathways that make you play and enjoy the game for a long time. You need to solve mind-boggling puzzles including manipulating architectures along the way that provide you the maximum fun.

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is an adventurous strategy game, in which you need to conquer lands, build cities, and protect your assets by fighting with different tribes using your newly-mastered technologies. You get to play on various terrains that are built using auto-generated maps and experience new places every time, like fields and forests.

Alto’s Odyssey

In Alto’s Odyssey, you accompany Alto and his friends through an adventurous journey while they encounter temples, dunes, and canyons on the way. You get to play on the land as well as the sky and need to discover wondrous secrets everywhere. I liked the rich imagery of the game, which will have you keep coming back to it for more.


Florence is the perfect game to live an ideal love life afresh. It is a relationship game between the protagonists Florence and Krish that lets you experience all the highs and lows of a woman’s first love through a series of little games. That means you get to flirt, fight, help, and do more with Krish in the endless routine of a fresh love life.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier engages you in an immersive experience as you play through a story of chaos. You get to lead the game to order while trying to save civilization from the dead. As Javier (your role in the game), you must join Clementine and confront your fates together where your every move can become your last.

Alphabear: Word Puzzle Game

Alphabear is an addictive spelling game, in which you have bears popping out as you join letters to form words. The longer the word you create by joining words, the larger the bear that pops out of the word. These bears add to the point tally, extend your time and work as powerups, and bring forth more challenges and fun during your gameplay.

Leo’s Fortune

In Leo’s Fortune, you get to rescue your gold treasure from an unknown manipulative thief. You must follow the thief’s trail against a variety of terrains that include cities, green lands, deserts, and mysterious forests. I found the excitement scales up as you maneuver your way out of levels of challenging traps and physics-based puzzles.