10 Most Popular iPhone Web Games

With WiFi support and Safari browser installed, iPhone is not only a cell phone but also a gadget for entertainment. If you are in a WiFi zone and feels bored having nothing to surf with your iPhone, here’s 10 most popular iPhone web games you can kill time with.

  1. Gravity


    Flip your iPhone and master the powerful force of gravity to lead a ball across the maze and collect all pegs.

    Devleoped by: Undercloud | Play game

  2. iDuckHunt


    Duck Hunt for iPhone.

    Developed by: Jirbo.com | Play game

  3. JirboMatch


    Race to see how fast you can uncover all the matches!

    Developed by: Jirbo.com | Play game

  4. JirboBlocks


    Stack rows of Jirbo animals and have the lines eliminated. Just like Tetris except even more fun!

    Developed by: Jirbo.com | Play game.

  5. iPunchOut!


    A remake of the Nintendo classic, Punch Out!

    Developed by: Webspire Software | Play game

  6. Frenzic


    You are about to embark on a frenetic journey that will heighten your reflexes and get your pulse pounding. Minutes to learn and months to master, Frenzic is an all new puzzle-based game for Mac OS X.

    Developed by: The IconFactory | Play game

  7. Block – A Tetris Clone


    If you enjoy Tetris, Block is the game for you. Tap the cascading blocks into place. Fill in every space, leaving no voids. Victory is in your grasp.

    Company: Giki | Play game

  8. Othelli


    The classic strategy game of Othello / Reversi optimized for the iPod touch or iPhone with a slick interface. Play against the computer, choose from 3 different levels with options to highlight your available moves.

    Developed by: Mojo Seifi | Play game

  9. Coin Flip


    This digital coin allow you to flip a coin on an iphone for any decision.

    Developed by: Web Builder | Play game

  10. JirboJam


    Click on the Jirbo animals by groups of three or more to see how much you can score. Eliminate all the groups and advance to the next level!

    Developed by: Jirbo.com | Play game

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