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What To Consider When Localizing Your Website Into English

For a lot of businesses the thought of expanding is appealing but the move can be fraught with concerns over cost and straying into the unknown. It is all too often the case that businesses find themselves in a catch-22 situation; the ROI of localization is an unknown, however it will remain unknown unless you take a leap of faith.... Continue reading

What Mom Never Told You About Building A Website

How many times, as adults, do we stop and realize, that we are repeating the advice we heard from our mothers when we are speaking to our own children? Mothers are caring, nurturing and smarter than we give them credit for. And while you may not have noticed, she had been giving you advice about building a website, you just didn't know it.... Continue reading

30 Professional Looking e-Commerce Sites For Your Inspiration

When planning for your eCommerce website, there is a great deal of things to consider and set up: detailed product information, quality product images, a simple and transparent checkout process, adequate product filters and search options, reliable customer service options, variety of payment options, user-friendly navigation and catchy website design with a focus on the products – the deeper you get, the more dilemmas you face.... Continue reading

Illustration in Web Design: 30 Inspirational Examples

There are many ways for giving a website a unique look, but none is more effective than creating some awesome illustrated elements for it. Illustrations can give a lot of personality to the layout of your website, provided that you know how to use them properly. It doesn't matter if it's a completely illustrated background, a sketched font or a hand drawn icon, it will provide your design with a unique feel as long as your approach towards inserting these elements in your design is correct.... Continue reading