Face Is Art: 30 Surreal Faces To Inspire You

Face! It’s what humans express their own expression, happy or sad, excited or angry. It’s also how humans judge one’s beauty like, let’s say, who doesn’t want to have a face like Brad Pitt or Megan Fox, or Gerald Butler, you know, the one who casted king Leonidas in the movie 300.

(Image Source: WALEE)

But hey, does the face only looks beautiful with regular formation, 2 ears, 2 eyes, 1 nose and 1 mouth? Sounds boring, how about a valve on the eye, a mouth which looks like a drawer, or a face that can be flipped like a book? Eww, that will be ugly, but wait, think again after you enjoyed this showcase.

As you might’ve expected, in this showcase there will be absolutely no handsome or beautiful face, but just cool and inspiring face which received serious Photoshop surgery by artists who apparently don’t know what is the limitation of art. You’ve seen all kind of beautiful faces in your life, but now, let these face challenge your view of beauty, have fun!

AB. Pareeerica blends human’s face really well with pretty much anything, this gorgeous one is Alec Baldwin‘s face combined with a wolf. (Image Source: pareeerica)

Anonymous. Perfect blend between the mask and the figure, the naming is just right as the mask also has something to do with the word, anonymous, just it’s quite complicated. (Image Source: RubberSun)

Assembler. What is your face made of? I’m not quite sure, but for sure this piece is made by great artist. (Image Source: Kosmur)

Beaux Arts Magazine Closeup. Very nice idea with extraordinary Photoshop skill, and most importantly it’s unique! (Image Source: WALEE)

Broken Heart. Please don’t do it in front of human, at least in front of me. Utterly chilling and cool manipulation! (Image Source: Leonheart)

Chest Of Drawers. Will the mouth looks beautiful if it’s designed this way? But for sure this piece is beautifully done. (Image Source: adnrey)

C O R E. “About something inside me, what I found, when I cut…” (Image Source: adnrey)

Cover My Face. Looks like the positioning is, may be, wrong? Creative idea done with great manipulation skill. (Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)

Where’s Our Ear (Lady). Another favorable version with ears in wrong position. There are in fact many of the similar ideas out there, but I particularly love Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s works, neat and artistic. (Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)

Cracking Up. Realistic cracking effect with perfectly applied texture, awesome one. (Image Source: pareeerica)

CUT. “Do you think, you know me..? No… I don’t know myself…” (Image Source: adnrey)

Face Manipulation. You will be surprised yourself, and I will be scared. Nicely done with a funny manner. (Image Source: Thomas Cullen)

Freddy. “The ripped texture layer along with the mean look? Perfect combination! I bet he plays a kick@## bass! =)” – filam61 (Image Source: Glenn Karlsen)

Ghost Of Egypt. The eye of Horus, how magically done. (Image Source: pareeerica)

Half Life. I can’t believe you won’t recognize this idea if you’re a Half Life player, and yes this is actually one of the Halve’s logo. Really love this, seriously yet funnily done! (Image Source: adnrey)

Parée & Nefertiti Blend. What can I say? It blends perfectly. (Image Source: pareeerica)

Reface. Unique concept and look at the slice… neat! (Image Source: Kosmur)

Refraction. Perfectly photoshopped piece with significant amount of aesthetic, I love this face. (Image Source: adnrey)

Rim Job. “Test shot with new ‘strip lights’ I constructed. Used them for rim lighting on the edges (notice the light outlining my face/shoulders!?)” (Image Source: RubberSun)

Scared. Terrific manipulation and processing, and what’s terrific more, you can actually learn to do the same from this 2 part tutorial! (Image Source: Tutzor)

Shattering Face. Creative and glamorous effect, there’s also a nice similar manipulation available in deviantArt page. (Image Source: 10Steps)

Social Veneer. Will probably be how the machine looks like in future, brilliant work. (Image Source: RubberSun)

The Skin. Or perhaps this is the future of the machine? Wicked one. (Image Source: Kosmur)

Tear Off Face. Similar idea with the Broken Heart, but with the Giuseppe Mastromatteo-specific artistic style. (Image Source: Giuseppe Mastromatteo)

Unspeaking. Here comes a very fun and creative series done by adnrey, favored them! (Image Source: adnrey)

Unverbal. It’s probably funny unless it happens in real world, outstanding idea. (Image Source: adnrey)

Watch You. It looks so innocent, yet, not so innocent… scarily charming piece. (Image Source: adnrey)

Vector Composite Face. An unique effect which can be achieved by some fairly basic techniques including clipping masks and displacement maps, just learn from the tutorial! (Image Source: PSDTuts)

What A “Handsome” Face. “The idea popped up in my mind when pondering about the origin of the word “handsome” ;)
Surprisingly, all my friends interpreted the picture completely differently, ranging from “something reaching out from inside the face” to “teeth” and “shouting” to “hurt”. May I ask you as a viewer to share your initial impressions in a few brief words ?” (Image Source: Lutz Schubert)


I must say I had serious fun time doing this, not because these great manipulation works look funny, but I’m pleased with how unsuitable elements can be mixed together to give birth a face that looks awesome, inspiring, and apparently beautiful. I think this is what’s called art, achieve the genuine beauty with elements that just don’t seem to fit!

You think you saw a cool face today on the web? Don’t hesitate to show to us, let’s get inspired together!