25 Online Tools to Generate Pronounceable / Random Passwords

From Facebook to ATMs, our passwords are digital locks to keep our confidential information secure from unwanted access. There are two types of passwords: pronounceable passwords which makes it easy to remember but no less effective, and random passwords, which are infinitely more difficult to crack.

If you’ve tested your password strength, but you don’t feel like installing desktop tools to generate passwords, then you’ve come to the right place.

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In this post, you’ll find 25 online tools to help you generate pronounceable and random passwords quickly and easily. What’s awesome is that all the online password generators featured on this list are not only free; we don’t even need to sign up or subscribe to any of them.

Pronounceable Password Generators

Pronounceable passwords may not be as strong as random passwords, but sometimes it’s better to be able to remember than to risk forgetting your passwords and having to go through all the trouble of retrieving them, isn’t it?

Pass Creator

A simple, straightforward password generator, which requires you to specify the exact password length you want, and whether you want it pronounceable or hard-to-crack random. Customize your random password by ticking any of the 7 options (you can select more than one).

Automated Password Generator Online

The APG Online can generate up to 999 passwords according to your customization with just one click. It also allows you to save the customizations until your next return for new passwords.

Password Boy

Password Boy is a user-friendly password generator that is very quick and easy to use. Simply choose random or pronounceable, and the character set you want included.

Random Password Generator

Arguably the easiest to use, this online tool is for those looking for a quick password with the least hassle. Available in 14 languages, simply tap "Generate new passwords", and there you have it!

Designeus Pronounceable Password Generator

This two-step generator lets you select the password template you want, then churns out passwords based on the pattern chosen. You can only choose to include uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and/or symbols, but if it’s a pronounceable password you want, you will get a pretty decent one.


Vint.ca lets you select the "level of pronouncability" you want in your password. Less pronounceable passwords are harder to crack, but more pronounceable passwords are easier to memorise. After all, how difficult can it be to remember ‘maliLulu’?

Random Phonetic Password Generator

This generator only creates pronounceable passwords made of lowercase letters. All you get to pick is the password length (maximum 64 characters) and how many passwords you want generated (maximum 1000).

xkcd Password Generator

Xkcd’s idea of an excellent password is a phrase of four common words jumbled up. Careful though: It is also believed that even the most obscure words aren’t good choices as passwords consisting of "dictionary words" can be quickly hacked. That aside, it’s actually fun to try what the generator can come up with; they actually gave me the phrase, "little old bean history". There’s even a comic strip explaining their unusual take on passwords:

Phonetic Password Generator

OK, this one seems like a straightforward one. Consonants will remain, but the vowels might be replaced by numbers and symbols.


Get a simple, catchy password with only lowercase letters and numbers (not so recommended) or a stronger and yet pronounceable password, like ‘sc@ryLeaf92’.

Random Password Generators

Unlike pronounceable passwords that may be based on your personal information or common dictionary words, random passwords are simply a bunch of meaningless characters that hackers would not be able to guess, and could only resort to "brute force". Some of these generators also allows the option to exclude ambiguous characters, which are characters that look confusingly similar, such as ‘i’, ‘I’, ‘1’ or ‘0’, ‘O’ and ‘o’.

LittleLite Password Generator

LittleLite Password Generator is direct and quick. Just tick any of the character sets you want in your password, specify the password length, and generate.

Hugh’s Secure Password Generator

Hugh’s tip to an easy-to-remember random password was to come up with a memorable phrase, or better, a song’s name; snag off the first letter of every word, spice it up with some punctuations and replace letters with look-alike numbers. Generator or no, it would be fun to come up with this kind of passwords manually, aye?

Random Password Generator

Allowing you to limit ambiguous characters, this makes the generator a nice, quick choice if you’re tired of having your Wi-Fi being hacked, and your friends complaining that they kept mistyping your passwords because it’s hard to tell between ‘0’ and ‘O’. Even better, the generator offers to display output phonetics, helping you to memorise your passwords.

Password Bird

Password Bird basically creates passwords by combining parts of words and numbers meaningful to you, so it can be random and yet uniquely memorable for you.

Online Password Generator

Lets you choose whether to completely exclude ambiguous characters (i,I,1, etc) or even include specific symbols. Although the password generated would not be easily pronounceable, if you want something that is easier to remember, you can tweak the pronouncing options to ‘Normal’.

New Password Generator

If you’re opting for something you can memorise easily, all you need to do is decide how many letters and numbers you want in the password, and if you want the digits before the letters. Otherwise, customize your password further with upper-case letters and symbols.

Techzoom Password Generator

Not sure what options to go for? Check out this generator’s handy guidelines. Your best bet is always to go for an at least 14-characters password, and of course, don’t forget to include mixed case letters, digits and symbols.

Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

Norton is not only protecting users against viruses and malwares now, they’re even protecting cyber users from getting their passwords hacked. Apart from the regular features, you can also make sure the passwords generated will not contain any similar characters.

Password Chart

The Password Chart is a witty way to generate secret codes like how we did it back in high school. Firstly, generate the password chart by typing in a phrase (preferably a funny one you’ll remember). Then, you can either print out the chart and do it the (fun) manual way, or save time and convert it again using the generator; see your password convert to utter gibberish, which only you’ll remember.


Not only does it generate passwords for you, it also tells you if yours is strong or weak.

Free Password Builder

The Free Password Builder allows you to increase the chances of or entirely omit certain characters from the passwords generated.

Random Memorable Password Generator

It can cook up as many passwords as you want with just one click, then tell you how you can remember the password.

Secure Password Generator

All the basic features plus the extras like limiting ambiguous characters and displaying phonetic pronunciation in this one tool.

Random Password

Random Password conveniences the indecisive folk by offering only two customizable options: password length and non-alphanumeric characters.

Secure Password Generator

Lets you choose if you want to generate the password locally (to be more on the safe side).


Other than the 25 awesome online password generators we’ve shared with you in this post, here are another 9 handy tools you may want to check out:

  1. Free Password Generator – Generates password instantly online in a clean, minimalistic design.

  2. MakePassword – Generates your password and lets you know how strong your new password is.

  3. Rumkin Password Generator – Good for generating secure WEP key quickly.

  4. MIStupid Password Generator – Generate passwords without those confusing, ambiguous characters.

  5. Free Random Password Generator – Simple and straightforward. Can generate up to 500 passwords at a time.

  6. Random Password Generator – Strengthen your password with this convenient online generator.

  7. Random.org Password Generator – Another straightforward generator, just pick the length and amount of passwords you want generated.

  8. Strong Password Generator – Simply choose your password length and if you want to include punctuations; the generator will do the rest.

  9. Quick Password Generator – Automatically excludes ambiguous characters.