Is Blogging Killing Us Technology Bloggers?

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Here’s a little health report of some of the notable bloggers we know. Matt of Gizmodo passed out a few times and were unreachable; Michael Arrington of TechCrunch suffered from severe sleep disorder and was hospitalized for couple of times because of nervous breakdown; Om Malik of GigaOM had an heart attack but survived. Pretty scary huh, here more – Russell Shaw died at of heart attack, and Marc Orchant, died of a massive coronary. All tech bloggers.

The fact is that tech bloggers, particularly the probloggers live a different life than the rest. Lifestyle bloggers for instance, write whenever they feels like to, no pressure. In the technology blogosphere, being amongst the first to cover tech news is considered highly important. But perhaps we overlooked something more important – our health ?

A lot of bloggers aim to convert themselves full time, a problogger. One often sees lots of advantages being full time blogger and often, missed to see there’s also the negative side. Yes, there’s maximum time flexibility but that also means you could be blogging at any hours and resulted your body to missed the regular sleeping hours. I noticed myself consumed more caffeines and nicotines after going full time. LiewCF put on weight, waking up when most people are sleeping. And because you need to do more blogging after converted to full time, some bloggers even start to lose passion and slack off.

It takes a little bit of self discipline to overcome these. Well yeah, it’s easy to say but from my point of view, it’s hard to implement.

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