Fauxto, an online Photoshop but free

fauxto, online image editor

In a nutshell, Fauxto is an online application that not only functions like Photoshop but also looks like Photoshop, but the only difference is – it’s free. Fauxto allows you to open an image or start with a new canvas. It implemented many Photoshop concepts like:

  • Layering (add layer, remove layer, move layer up/down, flatten, visible/invisible),
  • Zoom image in/out,
  • Resize image,
  • Crop image,
  • and much more.

fauxto, online image editor

It even supports image filtering options like Sharpen, Blur, Find Edges, Noise, Emboss, Enrich, Posterize, Clouds, Invert, Desaturate, Grayscale, Colorize, Hue Saturation and Contrast/Brightness. It’s amazing that a web application can actually cover these much.

Fauxto is free, but requires sign in. It only runs on Flash Player 9, so any version lower than 9 will need upgrade. Download and installation takes about 1-5 minutes, depends on connection speed.

What’s hot

FauxtFor a free online photo editor, Fauxto has really set the bar high. It may not have all Photoshop functions, but pretty much covered most off the basic. Filters are great, and I guess they are extensible. If there is something critical but missing from Fauxto, you can request from Help -> Request a feature.

What’s not

Having great functionality is great, but online too is still an online tool. Slow pipe connection will suffer from loading the application to performing image editing. If you are opening an image from your local machine, it is actually uploaded to Fauxto before it displays. Be gentle with file size if you are on slow connection.