30 Dribbble Freebies For Web Designers

Looking for some User Interface (UI) design for inspiration or free UI PSDs for your next design project? We dived into Dribbble.com, and handpicked you some of the finest (and free) PSDs shared by various designers.

dribbble freebies

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Compact Music Player by Daryl Ginn [Download]A lovely minimal compact music player design, would serve you in the best manner if you are to build a new app or something that requires a music player.

Percentage Bar by Daryl Ginn [Download]These two awesome percentage bars can be used in any application where something is getting loaded.

Glass Music Player Freebie by Norm [Download]Glass Music Player is a great music player with a classy glass look; this free PSD can be downloaded without any problem.

Radio Player Freebie(PSD) by I’m Charlie – TheIssland [Download]Here we have a beautiful looking radio player with a lovely track being played on it; a little addition of buttons can make it much better.

Blixt Freebie #2 by Andree Blixt [Download]This is a nice search bar made by using Photoshop; you won’t be able stop yourself from typing keywords in it.

Twitter Button Freebie by Norm [Download]These are two attractive Twitter buttons; they have been made with vector shapes and some layer styles.

Half Moon Music Player by Norm [Download]The unique Half Moon Music Player has got a lovely piggy nose styled pause button along all other major music player buttons.

Calendar Freebie by I’m Charlie – TheIssland [Download]We have got here a neat looking calendar freebie in PSD format; white background with black digits gives it a classy look, while the red top makes it look hot.

The aButton Freebie by Diego Monzon [Download]AButton is an exceptional freebie which can be used wherever you like and the shading around the white color gives an eye popping effect.

Wrench Freebie by Diego Monzon [Download]The wrench gives a strong feeling; this great PSD has been left editable in all ways and has got paths as well.

Map UI Controls Freebie by Edi Gil [Download]Some great images that can be used in map user interfaces.

Wooden Button by Pontus Johansson [Download]We have got a lovely wooden button over here; it’s a great idea of using wood effects to create a virtual button.

Black UI Kit by Jonathan Moreira [Download]This is a beautiful user interface kit with a number of buttons; it gives a dim light disco feeling.

Audio Player by Cameron Dearsley [Download]Simple, but stylish audio player PSD and it has the required audio player buttons on it as well.

Pixels Shopping Basket by Norm [Download]We have an attractive red colored shopping basket, ideal to be put on online shopping sites.

Stylish Notification by Thomas Offinga [Download]Those are three different attractive notification bars, which are ideal to be used in places where confirmation, error or warning signs are meant to be displayed.

Loading Bar by Andreas Fluge Iden [Download]These are three different loading bars having distinct colors and each can be used to denote specific processes.

Wooden Menu by Breezy [Download]Wooden Menu is a gorgeous looking wooden touch menu; it can be used on any appropriate site, probably some wood products site or on any site to give it a classy look.

Notepaper Freebie by Norm [Download]A beautiful fully layered PSD, appropriate for being used at any place where a note is required to be shown in a handwritten style.

Power Button by Pontus Johansson [Download]An impressive power button, the best part is that it really gives a feeling that something big can be turned on and off with it.

Banner Designs by Scott Rollo [Download]Pretty Banner is a really cute banner with a nice little star on it, the curve in the background gives it a natural look good.

Macbook PSD by Dany Duchaine [Download]This is a fully layered PSD Macbook pro, has the classic silver coloring and a nice Apple Inc. like surrounding.

Your cart widget by Pawel Kadysz [Download]Your cart widget is an amazing widget being shown in two different color schemes with different backgrounds.

35 Sweet Social Icons by I’m Charlie – TheIssland [Download]Sweet Social Icons are a number of sharp and well toned icons that can be used on any project to give it direct connection to social networks etc.

Google PSD by Victor Ingman [Download]This is an amazing PSD for Google+; the g+ logo is a bit dark, but becomes visible when you look more closely

Vue by Fares Farhan [Download]An amazing user interface kit with a number of buttons that support great features and can be used for various purposes.

Wooden Panel Box by Patrik Larsson [Download]A realistic woody panel box with several layers and it can be customized with ease, would cast a great impact on an online wood store.

Freebie- Social Buttons by Patrik Larsson [Download]These are really nicely toned social buttons for Facebook, Twitter and the latest big gun in the gang, Google+.

Modern Vintage Stickers Badges by Pixeden [Download]An outstanding set of 8 retro stickers and vintage badges. They feature all kind of styles including grunge, modern and retro. You can find a great usage for this in any web design or ui project you have in mind.

Speckle Brushes by Maleika E. A. [Download]An amazing pack of speckle brushes for photoshop which are made with only “the finest cocoa powder” This great brush pack is available for free download and commercial projects usage.