35 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Social Media Marketers

How many hours a day do you spend on your social media accounts? Do you use it a lot to market your wares, services, sites, tools or yourself? Whether you own a large online business or a small booming startup, we’re sure you are actively using social media to give your brand the right dose of exposure and get the message across to your targeted audience.

Today, we’ve compiled a great list of useful cheatsheets for people who want to benefit more from social media marketing. These 35 cheatsheets cover tips and important statistics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest so you can better understand marketing via social media, as well as how to design your pages beautifully for optimum exposure.

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The 4C’s Of Social Media

How Much Do Small Businesses Spend On Social Media

Leverage Yourself As An Expert By Using Social Media

Path To Social Success

Email vs Social Media Marketing

SEO vs Social Media

Social Media Is Going Corporate

Choosing The Most Effect Social Media Platforms

Why Your Business Must Go Social

Social Media Marketing Benefits Infographic

The State Of Social Media Marketing 2013

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Shortcuts

Small Business Social Media Cheatsheet

Facebook Business Page Timeline Cheatsheet

How To Get More Likes On Facebook

Why and How Consumers Like and Subscribe

The Value Of Facebook

Complete Social Media Design Cheatsheet

Google+ For Business Infographic

Google+ Design Cheatsheet

Copywriting Cheat Sheet

Viral Marketing Cheatsheet

Activity Levels of Business on Social Media

Social Media vs Traditional Media

10 Strategic Twitter Mistakes

Pinterest Deconstructed

Social Commerce Psychology

What Today’s Social Landscape Can Offer Small Businesses Tomorrow

Social Spam: What It is and How to Avoid It

Social Media Brandsphere

The Conversation Prism

Social Compass

Twitterverse Infographic

Noob Guide To Online Marketing Infographic