Official Twitter Accounts to Follow For World Cup Events

We are now counting down the days to the World Cup. All eyes are on Brazil as it races to set the stage for the most anticipated event of this year. We, the football fans, are eagerly looking out for news on whether our favourite players would make the team or sit out the game.

But why wait for news when you can get it straight from the sources themselves, via Twitter? Besides, it beats unverified rumours circulating online.

To help you catch up on the latest tweets and scenes from the World Cup, we’ve compiled a list of official Twitter accounts, team accounts and personal player accounts you should follow.

Official FIFA accounts


The official World Cup Twitter account brought to you by this year’s host, Brazil.


FIFA is the organization responsible for organizing the World Cup every four years and keep track of various football clubs around the world. Follow them for internationl football updates. They also tweet in French, Portuguese, Arabic, German and Spanish.


Yes, this is the official football used for the World Cup and yes, it tweets. Guess balls have feelings too.


Football Teams Twitter Accounts


You most definitely can’t miss out on the host country squad’s Twitter. Updates and news are in Portugese, Brazil’s national language.


Back home Team France is known as Les Bleus. Tweets are in French.


Team US of A is also known as the United States Men’s National Soccer Team or in short, USMNT. Keep up with their latest updates with this account.


All eyes are on the 2010 World Cup champions to see if they can defend their title. Tweets are both in Spanish and English.


Fun fact: Australia says soccer instead of football just like the Americans, if you don’t already know.


Team Colombia tweets in Spanish.


Coincidentally enough Team Belgium are called the Red Devils. Maybe someone needs to call dibs for team nicknames. Tweets are in both French and Dutch.


This will be Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first time playing in the World Cup.


Algeria has just got started on the Twitter game despite qualifying for past World Cups. Still, better late than never, yes?


Team Mexico tweets in Spanish. Sometimes their mascot, Kin makes an appearance.


Team England’s national team is simply known as The Football Association (FA). Mostly tweets updates on English teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, etc.


For a country with three main languages, Switzerland surprisingly only tweets in German. Guess they don’t want to sound repetitive.


Second to Brazil with four World Cup wins is Team Italy! Tweets in Italian.


Team Germany, three time champions of the World Cup and one of the favourites to win this year.


News and updates on the Samurai Blue are definitely in Japanese. For tweets in English and general football news in Japan, check out @jfa_en.


Team Uruguay tweets in Spanish. Many are expecting a rematch between them and Brazil after the 1950 World Cup which saw Uruguay became the champions.


If the Japanese are blue, the Koreans are the Red Devils. And of course, they tweet in Korean.


Team Netherlands. AKA Holland. AKA Oranje because football jersey color, duh. Tweets in Dutch.


Following the eventful Sochi Olympics 2014, Team Russia are out to redeem themselves. Tweets in Russian.


Team Chile tweets in Spanish.


Also known as the Black Stars, Team Ghana tweets in English.


Team Croatia tweets in Croatian.


Team Honduras tweets in Spanish.


Team Costa Rica tweets in Spanish.


Team Ecuador tweets in Spanish.

The Football Players


Chelsea FC’s player, David Luiz is slated to play for Brazil. He affectionately calls his fans Geezers.


Gerard Pique was one of the players who won the 2010 World Cup for Spain. His tweets are in Spanish and are on his family or on football.


Neymar, Brazil’s rising young star. It’ll be crazy if they don’t play him.


Part of the Spanish team in the 2010 World Cup, Sergio Ramos tweets in both English and Spanish.


You can just tell this is the Wayne Rooney based on his Twitter handle.


Manchester United’s Michael Carrick may or may not be playing for England. Most likely he will.


Representing Uruguay, Luis Suarez thankfully tweets in English as well as Spanish.


I’m sure you know Cristiano Ronaldo from Team Portugal.


Bastian Schweinsteiger from Team Germany. He doesn’t tweet a lot though.


In which Sergio Aguero incorporates his nickname "Kun" in his Twitter handle.


Mario Balotelli playing for Team Italy.


Eden Hazard from Team Belgium.