Top 5 WordPress Hosting Reviews Sites 2020

When you’re starting a business, you need a website; and web hosting service is one of the key components of a successful website. With the best web hosting, you can boost SEO, which helps in growing your products’ outreach and sales.

No matter if you’re starting your first blog on WordPress or your next business’s website on WordPress, a quality hosting service will save you a lot of troubles including almost zero to no downtimes and quick response on support issues. That’s the reason the best websites are hosted on the best-hosting services.

The question arises: how to find the best web hosting services for WordPress? Fortunately, there are some websites that provide expert opinions and user reviews about the hosting services. These services help you to choose the best hosting provider per the reviews of hundreds if not thousands of real users.

Finally, let me share the key factors of a hosting service for WordPress before I introduce you to the best five places to look for legitimate hosting reviews.

  • Server requirements – WordPress’s latest versions require PHP 5.6.20 or later, MySQL 5.0.15 or later, and Apache or Nginx with mod_rewrite.
  • Speed – The rule of thumb: the faster, the better. Your website must load within a second (you can check via website speed and performance tools).
  • Uptime – The hosting service’s uptime must be greater than 99.9%. If it’s any lesser, you may lose probable customers and visitors on your website.
  • Support – The provider must provide 24/7 support — even if it’s just live chat. The reason being: you may need urgent support if your site is down.
  • Pricing – You’ll already know this: the cheaper, the better. But you must ensure that the website’s speed and uptime must not suffer for pricing.


HostAdvice is one of the best web hosting review services. It avails both user and expert reviews, allowing customers to compare prices, policies, support, and other features of the web hosting providers. Its expert opinions discuss the ease of use, pricing, speed and performance, and support of the hosting services.

HostAdvice - the best hosting review service
What’s good
  • Allows comparing two or more services side-by-side.
  • Allows sorting reviews based on newest, helpful, best, etc.
  • Offers discount codes (coupons) and plans and features details.
  • Supports filtering reviews per service used, language, and the category of reviews like domain, pricing, reliability, speed, support, and more.
  • Supports a list of tools such as Web Hosting Advisor, Plans Search, Who Is Hosting This Site?, etc. to help you find the best web hosting service.
What’s bad
  • Its design may appear a bit crowded since it offers a lot of information.


WhoIsHostingThis aims to provide you with expert reviews and resources along with user reviews to help you on choosing a web host. User reviews share info about hosting services’ features, quality, support, and the overall value. On the contrary, expert opinions provide a highlight of their features in detail.

WhoIsHostingThis - expert reviews and resources
What’s good
  • Allows comparing hosting services based on the budget, server types, speciality hosting, programming languages, CMSs like WordPress, etc.
  • Offers a library of useful resources to get started, like most services.
  • Offers deals and discounts, mostly like HostAdvice.
What’s bad
  • Doesn’t offer side-by-side comparison of web hosting services. helps you find the best web hosting service by providing you ratings based on comments on Twitter. That is, it uses sentiment analysis algorithm on publicly-available comments and tweets about the web hosting services.

That’s why is a one-of-its-kind review service that helps to share the voices of real people (though it can’t be accurate since Twitter has bots too!). However, it promises to mitigate some issues using machine learning. - the best web hosting services
What’s good
  • Offers side-by-side comparison between two services, like HostAdvice.
  • Avails detail analysis and reviews on web hosting, website builders, and ecommerce builders, and resources on building and hosting a website.
  • Offers coupons and discounts for the web hosts, like the above tools.
  • Avails sections about CDNs and email platforms under More Services.
What’s bad
  • Limited comparisons compared to the above hosting review services.


WPBeginner — a site focusing on resources for WordPress — provides hosting reviews as well. It provides customer reviews and expert overviews on web hosting services which are focused on their performance, response time, hosting plans, customer support, and other features including pros and cons.

WPBeginner provides hosting reviews
What’s good
  • Offers coupons and discount codes, like most review services.
  • Provides performance statistics of the web hosts, unlike many others.
What’s bad
  • Focuses solely on the web hosts for WordPress, unlike other services.

Serchen Marketplace

Serchen is a marketplace and search engine, offering digital solutions for your business. The website has hundreds of categories featuring cloud hosting, web hosting, etc. Unlike most other services, it offers an overview of the hosting service along with its key features and user ratings and reviews.

Serchen Marketplace shows hosting reviews
What’s good
  • Allows sorting by Serchen Index, highest rated, most reviewed, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube subscribers, and more.
  • Lists a web host’s social following, unlike most tools on this list.
What’s bad
  • Directs you to a web host’s page for its features, pricing, etc.
  • No discount codes or coupons, unlike many on this list.
  • Doesn’t offer side-by-side comparison between two services.