30+ Wordle Alternatives For Logophiles

In the past years, there have been many games like Pokemon Go, Candy Crush, and Flappy Bird etc. that have gone crazily viral on the internet. This time round, the game to break the internet is Wordle. It is an interesting word game that is a sort of cross between hangman and crossword puzzle but is actually very different from both of them.

However, the interesting aspect of Wordle is not just the dynamics of the game but there’s a lot more to it. Firstly, there’s one puzzle every 24 hours so you don’t get sucked into the game and affect your productivity. Secondly, everyone around the world gets the same puzzle so you can team up with your friends to solve it.

And lastly, you can share your results on any social media platform giving you a chance to boast how smart you are or simply start a conversation around it.

Created by software engineer Josh Wardle and recently acquired by New York Times, you can play Wordle in many languages other than English like Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, and German etc.

However, if you’re looking for more games like Wordle, this post lists some of the best Wordle- inspired games you’ll find on the internet. Let’s give it a look.

1. Worldle

If you are a geography buff and want to test your knowledge on the subject through an interesting Wordle-like guessing game, then Worldle is for you.

Worldle gives you a silhouette of a country every day to guess which one it is. You have 6 attempts and in each one when you enter a country’s name, it shows you the distance, direction and the proximity of the target country from your guess. I say it’s a fun way to sharpen your geography with a bit of fun.

2. Nerdle

If Wordle is for word aficionados then Nerdle is for numbers fans. It gives you a chance to put the left side of your brain to the challenge of guessing the right equation and sharing your results with your friends and followers.

The site has done a great job of explaining the rules that even someone like me who’s not very sharp with numbers could easily understand. Boxes turning green and purple mean that the numbers you’ve guessed are right or are right but in the wrong spot respectively. Overall, it’s an ideal game for a numbers nerd.

3. Lewdly

For the dirty minds out there who want to put their erotic knowledge to test, Lewdly is the game. The word game is inspired by Wordle, however, instead of normal words, your word bank needs to be vulgar. And if you’re crazy enough to show off your knowledge in profanity to the world, then you can do that too.

Despite the game’s inappropriate nature, it is gaining much popularity. However, you need to be aware that Lewdly is not suitable for work and comes with content advisory for young users.

4. Bikle

Bikle is a very peculiar type of Wordle-inspired game. The aim of the game is to guess the names of famous professional cyclists (male or female) whose names are 5-letter words.

The dynamics of the game are the same as Wordle but due to the game’s peculiarity, the creator has given tips and previous solutions to aid the players. Bikle does sound quite esoteric for a word game, however, for a cycling sports fan it is a dream come true.

5. Absurdle

Absurdle is a twisted and more complicated version of Wordle. The major difference between Wordle and Absurdle is that Wordle has one word that you have to guess in attempts, while Absurdle, takes the user’s guess to narrow down a 5-letter word that you have to guess.

As the name suggests, it is an absurd version of Wordle, but for those who’ve perfected Wordle and played it enough and want to play a more challenging game with an element of surprise, Absurdle is the ideal word guessing game.

6. Squirdle

Pokemon has a huge fan base all over the world which is the basis of the Squirdle game. It is a word guessing game with similar mechanics as Wordle but their word list is entirely Pokemon-themed.

You are given different clues like the right generation or type of Pokemon to help you guess the right one. It also gives you a clue if the monster is heavier or lighter than the target one. Once all your 8 attempts are done, you can share your result mosaic on social media.

7. Wordle Unlimited

Wordle is created for fun and enjoyment but if it is a bit too complicated for you or you’ve been having hard luck at the game, then you can try Wordle Unlimited, a version of the same game but without constraints.

The most interesting aspect of Wordle Unlimited is that you can create your own word and share the wordle of the day with anyone with a link. By creating a custom game you can engage with your friends and take the stress out of the Wordle experience.

Wordle Unlimited
8. Quordle

Qourdle quadruples the Wordle fun. How, you ask? Well, it works quite like Wordle but instead of guessing one 5-letter word, it challenges you to guess 4 words at the same time.

Regular Wordle players may find it a bit complicated in the beginning, so the creators of Qourdle allow you to play a ‘Practice’ version (that lets you play as many times as you want) before you get into the ‘Daily’ version (guessing 4 words in 9 attempts). That truly is Wordle high-octane.

9. Crosswordle

This is your good ol’ crossword puzzle but with a Wordle twist. In Crosswordle, you have to guess two words that cross each other and are related.

Like Wordle, the right letters at the right position and the right words at wrong places get identified with colors, however unlike Wordle, you don’t have a limit on number of attempts. Moreover, you can set difficulty level or create your own Crosswordle to share with friends via link.

10. Semantle

If Wordle is for babies, then Semantle is for the big guys. It is a word guessing game like Wordle, however there are very few similarities between the two. The target word can be of any type of length and there are no hints about correctly-guessed letters.

In fact, for Semantle, you have to make infinite guesses and the only hint is the game telling you how close your guess is to the target word (from a range of 1 to 1000) or not at all (cold). The game is frustrating and infuriating and even tempts you with a ‘Give up’ button so it’s a great test of patience as well as your word knowledge.

11. Globle

Another one for the geography fans. Globle is a Wordle-like game but instead of words, you have to guess a country. You start by guessing any country and it gets from white (not close at all) to darker shades of red (red being the closest) on a 3D globe depending upon its proximity to the mystery country.

12. Wordle Archive

One word each day is an important aspect of Wordle but sometimes you want to play more specially when you’ve just started. Wordle archive gives you this opportunity to play all the previously-given Wordle games.

You can choose any day’s game at random or start playing it from day 1 to the present day. The mechanics of the game are the same as the original Wordle.

Wordle Archive
13. Word Master

So, you’ve aced Wordle. You’ve memorized Wordle Archive. You’re not interested in Lewdle. Lingo is too confusing. Can I interest you in Word Master?

This is a Wordle clone through and through-except with a magnificent “Play Again” button that loads up new puzzles, beckoning you each time you solve one to try your hand at another.

It’s also got three difficulty levels-easy, normal, and hard-to Wordle’s normal and hard modes. Easy lets you guess any combination of letters, even if it doesn’t make sense; normal forces you to guess valid words; and hard forces your next guess to use only hints from previous guesses.

Word Master
14. Dordle

Dordle is double Wordle. Instead of guessing one word in the original Wordle, you have to guess two words at the same time which adds to the difficulty level. There are two versions: the “daily version” in which you have to guess the same word like everyone else or the “free version” that gives you infinite random puzzles.

15. Primel

Primel is another grid-based daily guessing game like Wordle, but instead of guessing a word, you have to guess a prime 5-digit prime number. The rules and mechanics are the same as Wordle but you have to be really good with numbers to play this one.

16. Sweardle

Some people use a lot of swear words in their daily life. Well, Sweardle gives them the opportunity to put their knowledge of swear words to test.

Its rules are the same as Wordle, however, it uses 4-letter words to guess. You may think that you know a lot of swear words, but playing Sweardle tells you there are many of them that you’ve never heard of.

17. Custom Wordle

Challenge your friends or engage with them on their word knowledge pool by creating your own Wordle-like puzzles. Custom Wordle lets you create a word puzzle of any length that you can share with anyone though a shareable link.

You can also play a random word puzzle following the same mechanics as the Wordle game.

Custom Wordle
18. Lordle of the Rings

Tolkien fans that are also Wordle players would love this Lord of the Rings-themed word guessing puzzle game. The game’s word list comprises 5-letter words (names included) in the main text of Lords of the Rings book.

If you read the book many times, or know about the characters, events, and places by heart, then you’ll love to play this game.

Lordle of the Rings
19. Queerdle

Queerdle is queer-themed Wordle that lets you test your knowledge on the subject of LGBTQ. It is the same in its working to the original Wordle, with an exception of the number of letters in the word of the day.

Also, to keep up with the queer theme of the game, the background is pink, and the shareable results mosaic also has queer-inspired colors.

20. Taylordle

Taylordle is Wordle for Taylor Swift fans. It uses the same mechanics as the actual Wordle game, just the word to be guessed can be from any of Taylor Swift’s songs, album names, or anything related to the singer.

21. BTS

The K-pop band BTS is gaining much popularity all over the world. Owing to this, there is now a BTS-themed Wordle version that revolves around BTS-themed vocabulary. And as purple is the color of the band, the correct letter tiles change to purple in the BTS word guessing game.

22. Star Wordle

When it comes to creating something thematic, then the Star Wars franchise can never be left behind. Star Wordle is a Wordle-like grid-based word guessing game played the same way as the original game but using the Star Wars-based vocabulary.

Star Wordle
23. Subwaydle

A subway-themed take on Wordle, Subwaydle. The word list relates to the words from all the subway stations in the NewYork subway system. As a player you have to guess a valid subway route from one destination to another.

So, if you’re living in NewYork city and a frequent subway rider, you’ll love to immerse yourself in this game and come up with new routes to take every day.

24. Mathler

Challenge your mathematical skills following the same rules as Wordle with Mathler. Where it differs from Wordle is that you’re given a number upfront and your equation should lead to that particular target number. A fun and interesting way to sharpen your left side brain.

25. WordGuessr

If you want to test the waters before getting into Wordle, then WordGuesser gives you a great opportunity to practice and sharpen your skills. It’s like a Wordle simulator where you can customize the settings according to your comfort level like adjusting the number of letters in the target word.

Also, as WordGuesser is aimed at helping you practice your skills, there is no limit of one puzzle a day and you can solve as many puzzles as you want to get into shape for the original Wordle game.

26. Wheedle

With the classic 8-bit background that’ll give you some real Super Mario feels, Wheeldle is a Wordle-inspired game to guess a target word in 6 attempts. Unlike Wordle, you can play it as many times as you want in a day.

Also, the words are easy, so kids can have a run on it before getting on to the original Wordle game. All in all, the creator aims it to be a fun game and a great pastime with a hint of nostalgia from the 90’s gaming era.


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