How to Edit WeChat Videos Before Sending

WeChat, the chat application developed by Tencent, has just gotten a leg up over other chat applications in the features department. How so you ask? Well, the latest update for the chat application introduces a video editing tool that allows its users to tweak their videos before sending it into a chat channel.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, WeChat users that have received this feature will be able to see a new video editing button right after a video is recorded.

wechat video edit
WeChat Video Editor button located in the middle

Much like the photo editor feature, WeChat’s video editor lets you make a number of changes to the videos that were taken with the app.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Scribbling and adding text annotations.
  • Add emojis.

Besides adding annotations and emojis into your videos, WeChat’s video editor also lets you trim the length of your video, perfect for cutting out filler.

wechat video edit features

For those who’ve yet to see the feature live on their devices, the feature is currently being rolled out. As such, do remember to check your respective App Stores for the necessary WeChat update.

Last but not least, the following image gives you an idea what you can do to your recorded video before it’s sent.

sample wechat edited video