5 Websites to Watch Olympic Games Online

It’s the end of another four-year wait. Once again, we get to watch the human spirit break barriers, renew records, inspire team work, and push us to go further than our bodies would possibly let us. And with the help of technology, we can actually catch all this and more from the comforts of our living room.

Here we are featuring 5 channels to catch videos, photos, news and highlights of your favorite Olympic events. While some are region-restricted, you will probably find at least the one channel that works for your region.

Also included in all of them are event schedules, recaps of what happened in past Olympics, news and updates that affect the biggest sports event and how you, the viewers can benefit from staying on their channel. Without further ado, let’s start keeping tabs of our favorite teams and athletes!

1. Olympic Channel

Olympic Channel

Olympic Channel is the official website of the International Olympic Committee. With a neat interface and ever interesting content, the website gives you non-stop videos, news, series, and films related to Olympics.

The website has different categories on Olympic athletes, games, and a whole channel on inspirational videos. There are also pages on upcoming Olympic events where you can find related information and official website.

2. NBC Olympics

NBC Olympics

NBC Olympics is the channel’s official website for following updated and video content on Olympics. You can catch latest news, articles on athletes, historical clips from different Olympic sports events, and other interesting content.

The website has an easy-to-navigate interface. You can browse through different sport categories to get information about the one you’re interested in. There are also different pages on Olympic schedule, statistics, medals, results, and other information.

3. Olympics YouTube

Olympics YouTube

If you’re interested in video clips and highlights of the Olympic sports event, then this official YouTube channel for Olympics. You will find everything from compilation of video highlights to cool music series to find everything about the biggest sports event.

Apart from the video clips and highlights, there are many thought-provoking documenteries about stories behind brilliant athletes and historical events. You can also find some really cool and funny community videos.

4. Roar


Australia’s famous sports website, Roar is a sports opinion website that features engaging conversation in a community of sport aficionados. The content is an interesting combination of expert columnist as well as fan-written articles.

The website provides useful content for both amateur as well as professional fans with more than 60,000 comments from almost two million visitors. It publishes around 600 fan articles and hundreds of user-generated videos for its users.

5. Seven


7+ offers you to stream amazing videos and clips right through the website. You see a lot of memorable clips and highlights on the main page that keep updating from time to time. You can stream the content on the web, through iOS and Android app, on Chromecast or Airplay, and many other mediums.