59 Vivaldi Keyboard Shortcuts to Get Around like a Pro

Vivaldi Browser provides lots of keyboard shortcuts to save time and do things quickly by just pressing some combination of keys. In this post, we’re showcasing the full list of Vivaldi’s shortcuts for improving speed & productivity and getting around the unique browser like a pro.

Please note that in our tests, we found some of these keyboard shortcuts don’t work in the Vivaldi browser, possibly due to some technical glitch. Also, it’s good to remember that some of the shortcuts are not set on Mac OS X by default, so we’ve omitted those.

Window Management

Shortcut (Win) Shortcut (Mac) Description
Ctrl + N Command + N Opens New Window
Ctrl + Shift + N Command + Shift + N Opens New Private Window
Ctrl + F11 Command + F11 Toggle UI Hides or displays the user interface of the browser.
F4 Command + Option + P Toggle Panel Hides or reveals the side panel on the left.
F6 Command + Option + B Toggle Bookmarks Panel Shows or hides the bookmark panel on the left.
F7 F7 Focus Panel Focuses on the left panel of the browser.
F8 or Ctrl + L Command + L Focus Address Bar Focuses and takes the cursor to the address field of the browser.
F9 f9 Focus Page Focuses on the current page and its contents.
F11 f11 Toggle Full Screen Toggles the browser to and from fullscreen mode.
Alt + F7 Command + Option + Open Next Panel Opens the next option from the left side panel.
Alt + Shift + F7 Command + Option + Open Previous Panel Opens the previous option from the left side panel.
Ctrl + Shift + D Command + Option + L Opens Downloads Panel
Ctrl + Shift + B Command + Option + B Bookmarks Bar Displays the bookmarks bar below the navigation bar.
Ctrl + Shift + S Command + / Toggle Status Bar Hides and displays the status bar at the bottom.
Ctrl + Shift + O Command + Option + N Open the notes panel in the left side panel.
Ctrl + Shift + M Command + Option + M Opens the mail panel.
Ctrl + Shift + C Command + Option + C Opens Contacts Panel.
Ctrl + M   Toggle Menu Displays or hides the horizontal browser menu at the top.
Ctrl + O Command + O Open File Open any compatible file from your computer.

Tab Management

Shortcut (Win) Shortcut (Mac) Description
Ctrl + T Command + T New Tab
Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Option + V Paste and Go Lets you paste an URL and load the same with a single command.
Ctrl + W/F4 Command + W Close Tab
Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Shift + T Command + Z or Command + Shift + T Reopen Closed Tab
Ctrl + R or F5 Command + R Refresh Reloads or refreshes the current page in the current tab.
Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + R Command + F5 or Command + Shift + R Forceful Refresh Forcibly reloads or hard refreshes the existing page in the current tab.
Ctrl + F9 Command + F9 Tile Tab Stack Vertically Vertically tiles and organizes the tabs.
Ctrl + F8 Command + F8 Tile Tab Stack Horizontally Horizontally tiles and organizes the tabs.
Ctrl + F7 Command + F7 Tile Tab Stack to Grid Organizes and tiles the tab stack in a grid view.
Ctrl + F6 Command + F6 Un-tile Tab Stack Releases or removes the tab from tile view.
Ctrl + 1 Command + 1 Switch to Tab 1.
Ctrl + # Command + # Switch to Tab #. Switches to the tab based on the number (#) position. Up to 9th tab.

View Management

Shortcut (Win) Shortcut (Mac) Description
Alt + Home Command + Shift + H Home Opens the set home page in the current tab.
F2 Command + E Quick Commands Opens a popup box for quick access to commands, tabs and more.
Ctrl + Z Command + Z Undo a typed or pasted content in the current page.
Ctrl + K/E Command + K Focus Search Takes your cursor to the search bar for inputting a search query.
.   Quick Shortcuts Displays the quick shortcuts and bookmarks by pressing the full stop key in location bar
Ctrl + + Command + + Zoom in
Ctrl + Command + Zoom out
Ctrl + 0/* Command + 0 Zoom Reset Resets the zoom to the actual content size or zoom ratio (100%).
Ctrl + U Command + U View Page Source
Alt + Command + History Backward Goes back to the previous page you have opened.
Alt + Command + History Forward Moves to the latter page you may have opened.
Esc Command + . Stop loading page
Shift + / / / Shift + / / / Spatial Navigation Navigates between links or clickable buttons inthe direction of the arrow

Browser Management

Shortcut (Win) Shortcut (Mac) Description
Alt + P Command + , Opens Vivaldi Settings Windows.
Ctrl + F1 Command + F1 Keyboard Shortcuts Gives you a complete cheat sheet of the Vivaldi’s keyboard shortcuts.
F1 Command + Shift + ? Help Center Accesses Vivaldi’s help and support page in a new tab for quick assistance.
Ctrl + Shift + E Command + Ctrl + E Manage Extensions Opens the Vivaldi’s extension manager to let you manage, add extensions or delete them
Ctrl + Shift + I/F12 Command + Shift + I Developer Tools Opens the in-built developer tools of the Vivaldi browser
Shift + Esc Shift + Esc Task Manager Opens the Vivaldi’s task manager, allowing you to end tabs and processes

Data Management

Shortcut (Win) Shortcut (Mac) Description
Ctrl + F Command + F Find Lets you find any keyword/phrase in the current page’s content.
F3 or Ctrl + G Command + G Find Next Lets you find next entry in the page content per the search keyword/phrase.
Shift + F3 or Ctrl + Shift + G Command + F3 or Command + Shift + R Find Previous Lets you find previous entry in the page content per the search query.
Ctrl + P Command + P Prints the current page from an associated printer
Ctrl + S Command + S Save Page
Ctrl + D Command + D Create Bookmark
Ctrl + B Command + B Opens the bookmarks page
Ctrl + H Command + Y Opens the history page
Ctrl + Shift + Del Command + Shift + Del Clear Browsing Data