How to Spoof Pokémon GO on iOS 17 without PC: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pokémon Go is a truly adventurous game where players can catch various Pokémon, participate in raids, battle in gyths, hatch eggs, and much more. However, the game requires you to physically move around, which isn’t always appealing to everyone. So, what can you do if you prefer to stay put?

There is a workaround, though it’s not officially encouraged and using it might even result in a ban from the game. This involves using spoofing apps on your iPhone. Such apps let you teleport to any location you choose and roam freely to catch Pokémon without physically moving at all.

UltFone Location Changer

Can You Still Spoof Pokémon Go in 2024?

Yes, technically, it’s still possible. However, it’s important to note that Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, strongly opposes this practice and has significantly tightened its policies against spoofing. Therefore, if you choose to spoof on Pokémon Go for iPhone, you’re doing so at your own risk.

To engage in spoofing, you’ll need a reliable Pokémon Go spoofing app for iOS. These apps can change your GPS location and often include a joystick feature within the app that allows you to roam around and teleport to different locations. If you’re interested in learning more about how to do this, continue reading.

Easiest Way to Spoof Pokémon GO on iOS 17 Without a PC

As mentioned previously, the easiest way to spoof in Pokémon GO is through a dedicated app. For example, the UltFone Location Changer iOS app is specifically designed for this purpose. This app is loaded with features that provide a one-click interface to spoof in Pokémon GO. With it, you can:

  • Teleport your in-game character to any street, city, or country.
  • Pinpoint a spoof location using an intuitive map or the search bar.
  • Make your trainer move autonomously along a single-spot or multi-spot route.
  • Simulate real-world movement in 360° with a virtual joystick.
  • Save your favorite spoofing locations for quick access in future sessions.
  • Adjust the movement speed to make the movement appear more natural.

The app also includes a so-called cooldown timer. This feature helps prevent frequent spoofing and minimizes the chances of getting banned.

How to Spoof Pokémon GO on iOS 17 Without a PC

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up the UltFone Location Changer iOS app to spoof in Pokémon GO without using a PC:

Step 1: Install the UltFone Location Changer iOS App

Get the UltFone iOS Assistant App

While I mentioned that you don’t need a PC for spoofing, you will initially require a one-time setup with the UltFone iOS Assistant on your computer to install the mobile app. After purchasing the UltFone Location Changer iOS app, you will receive an order confirmation email.

Sign In with Apple ID

Once the UltFone iOS Assistant is installed on your computer, open it and sign in with your Apple ID.

User signing in UltFone app

Establish Connection and Install

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Then, click the app install button and follow the on-screen instructions. Ensure that your iPhone remains plugged in and maintain a stable connection until the entire installation process is complete.

Connecting iPhone to PC
Step 2: Change GPS Location

After successful installation, launch the UltFone Location Changer iOS app on your iPhone. You won’t need your PC anymore.

In the app, use the map or search bar to pinpoint the location where you want to teleport. Once you’ve selected your location, click the “Change Location” button on the right side.

You will notice that the GPS location on your device has changed, and your Pokémon Go trainer will appear to have teleported to the new location.

App changing GPS location
Step 3: Single-Spot Movement

You can specify the location you want to go to either by using the map or the search bar. Additionally, you have the option to adjust the movement speed. Once you’ve set everything up, click the “Single-Spot Movement” button on the right side.

The app will then automatically create a route from your starting point to your chosen destination and initiate autonomous movement for your trainer.

Setting single-spot movement
Step 4. Multi-Spot Movement

In addition to Single-Spot Movement, you can specify multiple locations on the map to plan the trainer’s route for autonomous movement. Once you’ve finished specifying all the spots, tap “Start Moving.”

You’ll then notice that the trainer in Pokémon Go begins to move along the specified route at the predefined speed.

Planning multi-spot movement
Step 5: Joystick Movement

The joystick icon located at the bottom right allows you to control movements as if you were using a physical joystick. To use this feature, click the joystick button, specify the movement speed, and tap the “triangle” icon to start moving.

You can then move freely in any direction using the virtual joystick.

Using virtual joystick

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Do you need a VPN to spoof Pokémon Go?

While you can use a VPN to change your location in Pokémon Go, it’s important to note that some VPNs do not support joystick movement. This means you won’t be able to walk around in the teleported location using a VPN.

What is the safest spoofing app for Pokémon Go?

The iAnyGo iOS App and UltFone Location Changer iOS App are considered two of the safest spoofing apps for Pokémon Go. They provide robust features such as joystick navigation and realistic movement speeds. Additionally, they include a cooldown timer to help minimize frequent spoofing and reduce suspicious activities.

Can you get banned for using a joystick in Pokémon Go?

Yes, using a joystick is against Pokémon Go’s policies. Niantic has implemented a three-strike discipline policy where you may receive a warning, face suspension, and eventually get banned for such actions. To lower the risk of detection, it’s advisable to use a reliable spoofing app that includes a joystick feature.

How to get a fake GPS for Pokémon Go on iOS?

To obtain a fake GPS location for Pokémon Go on an iOS device, you should use a dedicated Pokémon Go spoofer. This tool allows you to set your GPS to a desired location and provides the functionality to move around using a virtual joystick.

Final Thoughts

Spoofing in Pokémon Go offers a way to enjoy the game without the need to physically walk around. The key is choosing the right spoofer. This guide has highlighted the UltFone Location Changer iOS app as a robust, user-friendly, and feature-rich option for altering your GPS location in Pokémon Go and enabling autonomous movements.

Now, it’s your turn. Download and install the UltFone Location Changer iOS app on your iPhone, follow the steps outlined above, and experience Pokémon Go in a whole new way.