How to Spoof Monster Hunter Now Game on iPhone & Android

The easiest and most effective method to spoof Monster Hunter Now location for iOS 17 and Android without jailbreak and root. Move in the game without moving physically.

Monster Hunter Now has captivated millions of players worldwide, making it challenging for the average player to keep up. Even experienced gamers sometimes seek the convenience of spoofing their location to enhance their gameplay without physically moving.

Location spoofer tools come in handy for this purpose, allowing players to simulate any movement or change their virtual location seamlessly. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, you can take advantage of this flexibility.

In this guide, we’ll provide a reliable and safe method for spoofing your location on iOS 17 and Android devices.

Is it Possible to Spoof Monster Hunter Now Safely on iPhone & Android?

With the latest update on February 22nd, many iOS users encountered issues with their current location spoofing tools, resulting in “Searching for GPS Signal” errors. Many known location spoofing tools failed to change locations effectively.

However, the latest release of PoGoskill MHN Wizard has resolved this problem. Now, you can spoof the game safely on both iPhone and Android without encountering the “GPS Signal Lost” issue or any other limitations.

With PoGoskill MHN Wizard, it remains possible to spoof your location according to your needs in the game.

How to Spoof Monster Hunter Now Safely on iPhone & Android?

The recent Monster Hunter Now update caused troubles for most spoofing tools. MHN spoofing is now more effective and smooth with PoGoskill MHN Wizard. It works with reliable MHN location changers.

PoGoskill MHN Wizard Features

Here are some salient features of this exclusive MHN spoofer that all players would love:

  • Resolve the “Searching for GPS Signal MHN Now” issue that happens with location changers
  • Modify your current location or position in the game easily without any complex settings
  • Get access to monsters, characters, and other game bonuses that are limited to specific areas
  • Move across the game map without moving in real. Enjoy the flexible and convenient gameplay
  • Make progress in the game with the competitors with the least effort, and improve your overall experience
How to Spoof Location with PoGoskill MHN Wizard?

Android and iOS users can easily download and install PoGoskill MHN Wizard on their laptops or Mac devices. Once the installation process is done, you are all set to modify the MHN location and easily enjoy Monster Hunter Now GPS joystick features. Here are simple steps you need to follow to get MHN Spoofer Wizard.

  1. Download and install the PoGoskill Location Spoofer tool and click on the “”Start“” button from the home screen.
  2. PoGoskill tool home screen
  3. Connect your iPhone or Android device to the computer and establish a connection by using the simple on-screen instructions.
  4. Connecting device to PC
  5. Now, choose any pinpoint location or enter coordinates to change location and click on the “Start to Modify” button to enjoy safe MHN location spoofing.
  6. Entering location coordinates

How to Spoof Monster Hunter Now Safely on iPhone without a PC?

We understand the desire of iPhone users to spoof MHN with an app, but the PoGoskill iOS App does not support MHN spoofing right now. In the future, more updates might offer an option to spoof Monster Hunter Now with the app. For now, only Android users can benefit from the PoGoskill Android app for MHN fake GPS location.

How Do You Install and Use the PoGoskill Android App?

Here are simple steps to follow to start MHN spoofing on an Android device.

Step 1: Download and Install the PoGoskill Android App

This app is available on the official Play Store. Simply search for Fake GPS PoGoskill, download the app, allow all permissions, and set PoGoskill as a Mock Location app.

Developer options screen

Step 2: Choose Monster Hunter Now Game Mode

From the top right menu, choose the MHN Game Mode and download the custom mod for the game. You will be redirected to the download link.

Selecting game mode

Step 3: Start Monster Hunter Now Spoofing

Once the game is downloaded, you can start playing MHN without leaving your home. You will be able to control your location at any time during the game. There are different options, such as single-spot, multi-spot, and joystick movement options.

Different movement modes


You don’t need to be frustrated after the latest update where location spoofing tools don’t work. Instead of limiting your potential in the game, install PoGoskill MHN Wizard to unlock rare features of the game and catch more monsters. This tool works with some popular location changer tools.

Give it a try, and you won’t have to worry anymore about the “Searching for GPS Signal” error or similar issues. Don’t waste your time with useless spoofing tools. You might get your account banned forever. Buy PoGoskill MHN Wizard now and enjoy a safe and 100% effective Monster Hunter Now location spoofing tool.


1. Why is my GPS not working in Monster Hunter Now?

After the game update patch was released on February 22nd, many users started getting “Searching for GPS Signal” issues, and they were not able to modify their location anymore. If you are experiencing the same problem, it’s probably due to that update. You can use PoGoskill MHN Wizard to resolve the issue.

2. How to fix the Monster Hunter Now map not loading?

If you are getting a message about the map not loading or a GPS signal loss despite having the right location spoofer, your game version is affected by the latest security update. By using PoGoskill MHN Wizard for iPhone or Android devices, you can resolve the issue and start modifying the location easily. It takes just a few minutes to get started with PoGoskill MHN Wizard.