Find Out Which Type of Procrastinator You Are [Infographic]

If you are reading this, you are probably procrastinating. Then again, it’s probably better that you are procrastinating on us than on any social network sites. On the serious side, if deadlines are always out of reach, your work is riddled with errors, and it is common for you to have no new progress to update your team leader with, you might have a problem.

Of course you know you procrastinate (who doesn’t, online?) but the pressing question here is, can you fix it? We have an infographic that might be able to help.

Here is a fun Q&A infographic by parcelhero that will help determine the type of procrastinator you are. Once you have identified yourself as belonging to any of the groups: daredevil, self-saboteur, ostrich, chicken or perfectionist – get the tips you need to better cope with your work, and time, and who knows, you might be able to shed that procrastinator label off you. Eventually.

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