Create Animated Charts with Google’s Data GIF Maker

Data charts aren’t exactly the most interesting things to look at, especially ones that are brimming with data. If you find that the standard data chart is unable to keep your attention, Google has a new tool available that may be able to fix just that. It’s called Data Gif Maker, that can turn your data sets into a fully animated Gifs.

The logic behind it is that unlike static chart generating tools, users will be able to absorb more information from animated Gifs. Similarly, creating a chart of your own is pretty straightforward too, and here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open up the Data Gif Maker website and fill in the provided table with the necessary information (names, values, data sample).
    left and right term
  2. Once the data is in place, choose a color that will be used to represent that particular information. You will be given the option to choose between four colours.
    choose your colour
  3. When you’re done filling up the table with all the necessary data, click on the Launch Comparisons button to get a preview of the resulting Gif. Alternatively, you can click on the Download as Gif button to have the Gifs downloaded and stored onto your device.
    launch comparison

One thing to note about the Data Gif Maker is that the service is capable of creating five separate Gifs in a single batch. This means that you’ll be able to fill in five different data sets and have them be turned into Gifs in a single go. This would be particularly useful for those who want to compare two or more sets of data against each other.

Another thing to keep in mind with regards to the functioning of this tool is that it requires some time of its own in order to generate the Gifs, particularly if you’ve opted to download the high definition version. As such, this tool isn’t exactly ideal for those who are in urgent need of a Gif.