20 Gorgeous Examples Of Timeline In Web Design For Inspiration

I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of the use of timeline in design especially since all Facebook profiles now are displayed in this way. Moreover, some smartphone apps like Path or Tweetbot also use timeline based design to showcase their stories. A timeline is one of the best ways to display chronological events in a neat and accurate style.

It can be used on a ‘About Us’ page to showcase important moments or to tell a company’s story using dates among other things. Here I’ve put together 20 gorgeous timeline based website designs to inspire your own designs. From timelines that focus on a particular product to ones incorporated into portfolios, you’re sure to have plenty of inspiration available.

iPhone Timeline

Clément ZEZUKA

Lois Jeans

Anne Frank Timeline

Akita: Computing History

Formula 1 History

Orange History

Canal Plus

Make Cash and Cheques History

Mixpanel History

Daniel Mall

Bond Cars



The Evolution of Western Dance Music

GE imagination at work

The Evolution of the Web

The History of Sir John A.

Minimal Monkey

Gramercy Park Hotel

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