Why You Should Go on a Tech-Free Vacation [Infographic]

We have previously written about the need to disconnect from our gadgets and gizmos for our personal well-being. At the very least, removing our dependence on tech, at least for the family holiday get-togethers, will help us reconnect with the people we hold dear.

To add to that pile, we have here an infographic by Modis which is trying to make a case for a tech-free vacation, the kind that can really help you recharge properly. Apart from that, it also carries a few tips you should follow should you take heed and decide to take a break from it all, for instance, letting people know you are going to be unreachable during your vacation period before you take off.

And best of all, it mentions a few vacation spots (where it is geographically impossible to stay connected to the Web) which can give you the silence and relaxation your body has been craving for and so sorely deserve.

tech free vacation