Discover New Startups with the Startup Button

Free gallery of fresh startup companies that you can browse through to take a look at their work and new projects.

It seems like a new startup launches every day, as the tech industry is booming and there are plenty of tools to support more startups in the years to come.

If you love digging into new technology then you’ll really enjoy The Startup Button. It’s a free curated gallery of fresh startup companies that you can browse by date and category.

But the real treat is their automated browsing feature. One click on the homepage button and you’ll be taken to a random startup from their growing list of awesome projects.

startup button webapp

You can also browse through startups based on category. The site curates 1000+ startups with tons of new ones added frequently.

This means new categories also get added into the site but you can quickly browse through a few of the most popular ones:

  • Tools.
  • Marketing.
  • Mobile.
  • Entertainment.
  • Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the frontpage feature positions are paid placements. If you have a startup I can’t imagine this would be a terrible investment, but you can promote a new startup here for free just by applying.

Visit the submission page and send over the details of your startup.

There’s an optional charge to get your site featured on the main page, but you can get just as much attention by submitting for free. Plus as this site grows in the coming months your startup will be among some very good company.

search startups with startupbutton

Startup Button is not the most productive webapp I’ve ever found. But it’s probably one of the most interesting.

If you love startup culture and checking out new products then you’ll wanna keep this site bookmarked.

It’s almost like the “I’m feeling lucky” button merged with Product Hunt to create a randomized goodie bag of startup fun.