Auto-Generate Material Design Components in Sketcha

We all know the value of material design and how many great resources are out there for designers.

Google’s design language has taken the world by storm and it’s basically everywhere. And now Sketch users can save time in their material UI workflow by using this Sketch Material plugin.

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It’s totally free and gives you access to a bunch of pre-made material components designed for Sketch.

Sketch Material plugin

Basically this adds an extra tools palette where you can auto-generate really complex UI elements all modeled on the material design style.

So you can quickly add tables, buttons, form fields, and so much more all with one click.

Just note this plugin only works with Sketch and has not been designed for Photoshop or Adobe XD.

Still, I know plenty of designers have made the switch to Sketch and would never look back. So it’s safe to assume this plugin can offer a lot of value to the design community.

I also think you could use this plugin with flat design too if you rework some of the shadow effects. There’s custom dialog windows, modals, embedded maps, tooltips, you name it. This plugin has it all.

Example animation of Sketch Material

Take a look at the main page for a huge list of all the features you get with this plugin.

You can also find more information on the GitHub repo if you’re curious to learn more. This is the best place to download the newest version of Sketch Material since it’s frequently updated and published directly on GitHub.

Just note this plugin is only supported by Sketch 45 or higher so make sure to check your version number before downloading.