Send Large Files For Free with Filemail

Filemail is an app that lets you send any file to anyone (via email) swiftly and easily. As far as I know, Filemail is the simplest way of sharig files. Trust me, you don’t even need to register to use it. Just send and share as many files as you want since it’s (almost) unlimited anyway.

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In a nutshell

The simplest way to use Filemail is through your desktop browser. Simply navigate your browser to and the first thing you see is some boxes with clear instruction to send files. Just write your friend’s email, then write yours, type some messages to greet them, attach your files (or drop them), and then send! But wait, not too fast.

After clicking send button, there will be a pop-box which will let you choose the validation/expiration date of the files before the receiver downloads it.

validation date of the files

Besides the browser version, there is also desktop (Windows, OSX , and Linux) and mobile app version available. Download the app from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) — ($2.99) and install it. After that, open the app, and you will notice that the transferring method is similar to the desktop version.

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For the receiver, they will get an email notification about the incoming files, and then they simply need to click the link which will direct them to the Filemail site. There, the receiver will be given 3 options, which are "Download in Zip", "Download Torrent" or "Download With FTP". You can use Filemail Downloader to download largest file easier and you can automatically resume the transfer if the connection is dropped.

Size limitation

In addition to being free, Filemail lets you send as many files as you want. If you use the free version of Filemail, you have 30 GB limitation per transfer — which is actually super big already. But then there are paid options that let you send unlimited files.

Supported file formats

Filemail supports every format. Even if you want to send files which are not compatible with your desktop or phone, you still can send it. Furthermore, the receiver will get the files without any lost quality at all.

Free, Pro and Business options

If you want to use it for free, it does give a number of features. But if you want more exclusive services, then you might want to consider about buying the Pro version. And if your working place requires you to share files in large quantities to many people at once, there is "Business" version.

The Pro version costs you 9$ where you will get unlimited file size, up to 1 month file availability, password protection, enables you using Filemail Desktop and Downloader, and many more features. While the Business one costs 15$ per month.

Before you pay for the paid versions, you may try the trial version for free to experience it directly. So, you can think it over if the services prove no good for you.

Supported platforms

Filemail is available on the Desktop app (Windows, OSX, Linux), iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can go to download page to see the all available versions.

Other features

Filemail outlook add-on
  • It enables you to send large files directly from Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013 using Filemail.
  • Simply attach the files just like you are used to in Outlook, and hit Send.
  • The attachments are removed from the email, and uploaded to our servers instead.
  • Ping your email small and deliverable. But note that you need to have ".NET Framework 4" installed.
Filemail downloader
  • It’s a small application that can download large files over HTTP in a very robust and solid way.
  • If your connection is dropped, it automatically resumes the transfer.
  • It can be used to download any file/URL.
Filemail API for developers
  • This lets you integrate Filemail into your application and use cloud infrastructure to send large files and emails.
  • It is also super easy to automate transfers by using .bat/.sh files.

Pros and Cons

Through Filemail is quite a useful service that offers a number of features for both the free as well as the paid version, there are still some disadvantages attached to it. Following is the list of all pros and cons of this file sharing service.

  • An easy way to send files (or folders) through web browser without any requirement of registration.
  • Multi-platform available including the web browser app, desktop app (Windows, OSX, Linux) and mobile app (iPhone, iPad Android).
  • You can set the days of file availability.
  • You can set a password and transfer over HTTPS to be more secure (available in the Pro version).
  • On the desktop, there are no folder integrations to let people send files directly from Finder/Explorer.

A last look

In the era of file sharing and data storage, it is difficult to find a service that is quick, safe and easy to use. Filemail, however, checks all these features by offering unlimited file sharing and receiving as well as option to secure your data through password protection.

Do give this servive a try for your next file sharing task and let us know of your experience in the comment section below.