You Can Now Send & Receive Money With Gmail

Android: Back in 2013, Google introduce a feature that would allow Google Wallet users to send and receive money via the web version of Gmail. Fast forward to 2017, this feature is making the jump to the mobile space as Gmail for Android now comes with Google Wallet integration.

For those looking to send money to a third party via Gmail for Android, all you have to do is open up a new email, tap on the "Attachment" icon, then select Send Money. Doing so would open a Google Wallet window that lets you enter the amount of money you’ll send to the third party.

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Once you’ve confirmed the amount, you’ll be given the option to add a memo for the payment. Once you’ve tap on the "Done" button, the payment will be attached to your email, after which you can send it out to the third party.

In the event that you’re the recipient of the payment, all you need to do is open the attachment and tap on the "Claim Money" button. Recipients can choose to either have the money transferred into their Google Wallet balance, or have it transferred directly into their bank account. Perhaps the best part of this feature is that the recipient doesn’t need to have a Gmail account in order to receive payment via this feature.

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Much like the web version of Gmail, sending and receiving money via this feature is completely free. Unfortunately, payments via Gmail for Android is only available for users living in the United States at the moment.