Collaborate on Music Online with Ohm Studio

One of the best things about making music on a computer is how you can do everything all by yourself in the comfort of your home studio. But sometimes the song you’re working on needs something you just can’t do, like a guitar solo or female vocals, or you could be a part of a band, but you all can’t be in the same place together. How are you going to make sweet music then, my friend?

Usually, overcoming these problems would require spending time looking for collaborators, scheduling meetings, and sending audio files back and forth. Hence, you would also have to deal with issues such as incompatible schedules, logistics problems, and many potential technical glitches.

Ohm Studio ooks to make these problems a thing of the past by focusing on cloud-based musical collaboration.

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Getting Started With Ohm Studio

Getting started is simple. Download Ohm Studio from the website and install it. The first time you run Ohm Studio, you’ll be asked to create a new account. After registration, you will be taken to the main Ohm Studio screen.

Ohm Studio Main Screen

Here you can chat with other users, create your own project and browse through public projects.

To create a new project, simply click on New Project. Then, give it a name and set some genre and mood descriptions. You can also set visibility and accessibility settings such as whether the project is public or private, whether it’s open or closed and whether it can be seen by other users.

Working On Your Project

We won’t get into the nitty-gritty here, but rest assured that Ohm Studio has all the features you’d expect from a professional digital audio workstation (DAW). You can record and edit external audio as well as sequence MIDI and virtual instruments.

Automation is also fully supported and can be linked directly to recordings or sequences.

Ohm Studio Project

Ohm Studio comes with several free effects and synths, so you can get started immediately. It also supports the VST format , so you can use any plugins you want. It also has a full-featured mixer which supports an unlimited number of sends and inserts as well as mid-side and left-right panning.

And, if you’re new to DAWs, don’t worry, as Ohm Studio comes with built-in tutorials that will get you up and running in no time.

Collaborating On Your Project

The thing that sets Ohm Studio apart from the pack is the fact that it’s geared towards collaboration. Ohm Studio allows multiple users to collaborate on the same track simultaneously. They can record audio, edit patterns, change levels and tweak parameters simultaneously and changes made to the project will sync in real-time.

Ohm Studio features two chat modes to help collaboration: general chat and project chat. General chat can be seen on the main Ohm Studio screen and is accessible by all active users. Project chat is more specific; only users collaborating on a particular project can see and take part in it.

Ohm Studio Project Chat

Aside from chat, Ohm Studio also has sticky notes that can be placed anywhere in the project. These can be used to comment on contributions or as reminders of what to improve at a specific point in the track.

Ohm Studio Sticky Notes

Best of all, Ohm Studio tracks each collaborator’s contribution so you always know who added or altered each change. The website also has detailed project and profile pages so you can browse public projects and other users’ profiles to look for collaborators.

Ohm Studio Profile Page


Ohm Studio is both software and service. On the software side, there are three price tiers: free, Ohm Studio Pro, and Ohm Studio Pro XL:

  • The free version is fully featured, but only allows you to record in 16 bit and will only export songs as MP3 files.
  • Ohm Studio Pro ($45) and removes these limitations. It also adds two plugins: OhmBoyz and Minimonsta.
  • Ohm Studio Pro XL ($113) has even more plugins: Predatohm, Hematohm, Mobilohm, Oddity, Quad Frohmage, Ohmicide, and Ohmygod!

On the service side, you can choose either a free or paid subscription. The free subscription only allows you to be part of 10 projects. The paid subscription increases this limit to 200 projects and costs $10/mth.


Overall, the combination of a professional-grade DAW, real-time collaboration and community features makes Ohm Studio quite a remarkable program particularly when you can use this software for free. You can mix and match the software and the subscription, allowing you to reap the best of Ohm Studio when recording music collaboratively over the Internet.