15 Beautiful and Creative Book Covers

Before the early nineteenth century, books were hand-bound using heavy materials such as wood, leather, gold, silver, and jewels. Over the centuries, bookbinding has always served as a protection to expensively printed or hand-made pages and as embellishments tribute to the cultural authorities.

Other than the two most common covers; hardcovers and paperbacks, there are many other alternatives and additions, such as dust jackets, ring-binding and out-dated forms such as the nineteenth-century "paper-boards" and the even more antiquated hand-binding.

It is often said; don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case, the opposite appears to be more true. It is not often that we would see book covers made of wood or imprinted with real-life objects appearing to be part of the book itself, but many have decided to showcase their talent through these beautiful artworks we have below today.

Clarendon Books 2

Two Clarendon-type specimen books; one with cocobolo cover & the other with bloodwood covers.

Source: andymangold

creative book covers
Adidas Def Jam Collaboration Book

This is a lookbook created in collaboration with Adidas and Roundhouse Media.

Source: Dan Kinto

creative book covers
Rodrigo Munoz Avia

Book cover design of a newly bought button-up shirt printed as its cover.

Source: Tomato Kosir

creative book covers
Capas Prateadas

Simple envelope-like design.

Source: Zoopress studio

creative book covers
What To Read Now, July 13, 2009

The first image is the subscribers’ edition cover. The second is the original composition. The third is the newsstand edition.

Source: Newsweek

creative book covers
Magic 105.4

The packaging and book design combined Magic FM branding with the look and feel of a luxury travel guide.

Source: Jason McReynolds

creative book covers
i am

"I am" is an image and text combination and compilation of self-descriptions from the profile pages of people online.

Source: palindromenoise

creative book covers

MDF is a 25cm x 17.5cm cardboard cover design.

Source: Zoopress studio

creative book covers
Mini album

Source: Zoopress studio

creative book covers
Model Book

A book on the photography of the fashion french photographer Gerard Uferas.

Source: artdude85

creative book covers
Quantum of Solace

An enveloped style design against a grey background – evoking a top-secret feel to it.

Source: Jason Kottke

creative book covers
Solex Typeface Specimen Book

A type specimen book on Emigre Foundry’s "Solex" typeface family designed with the professional-looking concept of espionage.

Source: aphoticdesigner

creative book covers
The Oil

An interesting yet simple design.

Source: Alexey Maslov

creative book covers
Ultimas encomendas antes da licenca maternidade

(Source:Zoopress Studio

creative book covers
Wooden Celtic Book

A hardcover 1/8 letter size book, wood-burned with Celtic designs.

Source: yagarasu

creative book covers