40 Creative and Beautiful QR Code Artworks

The Fillmore

Fun, fun, fun, that’s what this design is about!

Source: Paperlinks

the fillmore

Looks like a labyrinth, but no worries, your QR code reader could decode it.

Source: QR Arts

Chinese Seal

I must say that I love this one, not because it’s red, but because it’s great.

Source: Ocean Cohen

chinese seal

I bet that it would fail, but heck, it works! Man, this is simply unbelievable.

Source: Bnpositive


Considering the technical difficulty, this could only be done by a professional, and it’s artistic to say the least.

Source: Matt McDonnell

Warner Brothers Japan

Warner Brothers in a new art form. Simplicity is everything.

Source: SET

warner brothers japan
Louis Vuitton

Strategically targeted to female customers. You’re smart, SET.

Source: SET

louis vuitton
Moet & Chandon

How about the drink splashes on the code? Talk about creativity!

Source: SET

moet and chandon
The Curiosity Project

This piece is really interesting. It’s actually an ambitious project in which you can scan the code daily to get a dose of inspiration. Like the idea!

Source: Lauren Manning Design

the curiosity project
Magic Hat

Never thought that the old school bottle cap could be revived in this way. Sleek.

Source: QR Arts

magic hat
Treasure Map

Still not sure about the destination? Scan it!

Source: @jreyesgs

treasure map
Dennis Ritchie

A smart idea that actually helps to introduce a person. RIP Dennis Ritchie, the man who helped greatly to shape the modern digital era.

Source: @jreyesgs

dennis ritchie
Das Kann Weg

QR code is invading the street art category.

Source: alles banane

das kann weg
Cubismo Iluminado

Undoubtedly the codes carry rich amounts of data.

Source: QR Street Art

cubismo illuminado

Truly genius. I strongly suggest that you read the entire post, and all I can say is it’s magical.

Source: R-ART

Amy Goodman

For this portrait, a total of 2304 QR codes were used, and they link to 9 years of Democracy Now videos. A Masterpiece indeed.

Source: scott_bl8ke

amy goodman

Not only can it serve as a code that stores information, QR codes can also easily become the kind of art that could be showcased in exhibitions.

Source: burtonwood + holmes


QR code is the new trend for the baking industry! And yeah, the codes work.

Source: caseorganic

GeekUp Cake

A birthday cake made for the GeekUp Leeds’ first birthday and yes, it’s really geeky.

Source: urbanwide

geekup cake
QR Pumpkin

I think the middle one is used to amuse people instead of scare them.

Source: mattedgar

qr pumpkin


Kudos to all the magical designers that really taught us to think out of the box by making QR codes look creative yet still work! In this era, you could really never guess what could be the next genuine artform, but this showcase probably enlightened us to a fact: anything, physical or virtual, has the potential to become the art!

Spotted a creative QR code designanywhere or have you made one to show off your creativity? Don’t be shy to show it to us then, let’s have some scan-delicious fun!

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