Save Yourself Against Call Scams With CallApp

At some point in time, all of us have experienced strange phone calls through which the caller asks you to share some personal information using pretty convincing tactics. They are, however, spamming you to gain some benefit one way or another.

The scamming or phishing over a voice call is called vishing. The people who get tricked by vishing, in most cases, face personal or financial losses at the hands of the spammers. There are so many different methods that spammers use for vishing these days.

So, in this post, I am going to give you a detailed look at vishing and how it is carried out using a number of methods. Additionally, I am going to highlight a reliable way to save your hard-earned money from call scammers using the feature-rich CallApp.

Let’s take a look.

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What is vishing and how does it work?

Everyone uses a phone these days and that is the main medium of scamming used for vishing. As mentioned before, vishing is derived from phishing or scamming innocent people of their money or personal information over a phone call.

Vishing is as old as the invention of the telephone itself. Though people are now becoming quite aware of vishing and phone scams, according to these statistics on the global trend in spam calls, the world's phone spamming problem is increasing because fraudsters are coming up with newer and more discrete ways to scam people.


But how does vishing actually work? Well, to understand this, I will give you an example. One day you get a phone call from a pleasant customer care representative who ‘apparently’ represents your bank. He/ she tells you in a very professional manner that the bank is conducting a security check, and for that they need your bank account number and password etc.

It is usually accompanied with a threat that if you don’t share certain information, your bank account will be blocked or frozen. As everyone is cautious about bank matters, you readily give out the information they require. They then tell you to wait for a call after a few minutes that confirms that their bank account is secure.

Alas, you wait and wait, and no such confirmation call is received, not that day, not ever. And when you try to call back on the same number, no one responds. This is when you realized that you’ve been scammed. What’s worse, the information that you provided leads you to a financial loss as a result of vishing.

This was just one of the most common tactics used by call scammers to rob you off your money or personal information. Some other common frauds that happen on phone calls include:

  • A lucrative investment offer that’s often too good to be true and involves a benefit of a hefty amount and all you have to do is to share your personal information. Mostly, these are limited time offers that ask you to ‘act now or lose the chance’ so you don’t have enough time to think it through.
  • A compromised credit card where you’ll be informed of an issue with your credit card and you’ll be asked for some information related to it.
  • A lucky draw win that pops out of the blue even though you don’t remember taking part in any such thing. To claim your prize (that’s often something pretty attractive) you’re required to share your personal or financial particulars.
  • A tax scam in which you’ll be informed about some error in your tax returns and if certain information is not provided in time you’ll be facing the risk of getting arrested or heavily fined.

Well, I’m just scratching the surface of vishing scams done all over the world. There are hundreds of other ways fraudsters can double-cross you and you wouldn’t realize it until it’s too late.

How to protect yourself against Vishing

Though the whole vishing thing does look quite gloomy however, it is not impossible to protect yourself against it. There are some simple measures that you can take to keep yourself from getting scammed through vishing.

  • As fraudsters are using innovative ways for scamming people, you too can take help from advanced technology offered by CallApp that lets you know of suspicious calls before you even pick up. And you can even block such calls and numbers to avoid them in future.
  • If you happen to pick up a call and find it suspicious, try to look for red flags. Check if there’s a service that you didn’t subscribe to, you’re getting the call at odd hours, there is a certain urgency associated with it, or the caller fails to provide proof of authentication.
  • If you suspect that a caller is vishing, hang up immediately. You can also try to do a simple background check or simply call back on the same number to see who picks up. – Get your number added to the No Call Registry in your country. It takes you off the calling list of telemarketers.

Using CallApp to shield yourself from vishing

Though vishing attacks have been carried out for decades, there’s now, however, a way to save yourself from such nuisances through CallApp. It is an innovative tool that uses the most accurate and advanced methods to identify calls coming from unknown sources so you can decide if you want to pick the call or block it.

How does the CallApp work

CallApp has a wonderful feature called the CallerID. In order for it to work, all you need to do is to download the CallApp in your phone and have your cellphone on a WiFi or cellular data for internet connection.

Now when you receive a call from an unidentified caller, the CallApp will look into its humongous database of more than 3 billion phone numbers of individuals and businesses across the globe to see if it identifies with a telemarketer, spammer, or fraudster.


If the CallApp identifies the caller as a potential scammer, you can take suitable measures so as not to receive any calls from it anymore. There’s also a feature in the app that allows you to mark any suspicious caller as spam so other users will be notified if they too receive a call from that number.

What I find most wonderful about CallApp is that it gives you full control on the calls you receive. Getting a call from a number not saved in your contacts could be anyone from an old friend you were looking forward to catching up with or a potential employer inviting you for an interview.

And knowing who’s on the line takes away the anxiety and lets you decide how to deal with it.

Spammer identified, now block it!

CallApp is a comprehensive tool that not just helps you identify a spam call or a potential vishing risk, it helps you manage it as well. With the help of the CallBlocker feature you can immediately block any phone number that you don’t want to receive calls from.

The CallBlocker feature is also pretty flexible so you can use it according to your needs. It gives you several options to handle a caller that you find annoying or potentially risky.

  • Block common spammers – the numbers that CallApp users have marked as spam. Any number on which CallApp receives a substantial amount of notifications, goes on this list.
  • Block list – you can add one of your existing contacts to the list of blocked numbers. You can also add to this list any numbers that start, end or contain the same series of digits (the likes of which are commonly used by telemarketers and businesses).
  • Block private and hidden numbers – you can restrain any private or hidden numbers from calling you by adding them to this list.
  • Advanced block settings – Under these settings you can block international numbers and also choose what kind of blocking method you want to use i.e. hang up or put the phone on silent.

Other CallApp Features

From its core functionality, CallApp helps you in identifying and blocking unknown or spam calls. However, the app offers so many other interesting features to enhance your calling experience that you’ll forget about your phone’s default calling app. Here is a brief look at some of these features.

Call Recorder

Either you want to record a call for evidential purposes or just to listen to them later, CallApp has a Call Recorder that allows you to record any incoming or outgoing call with a single tap and save it within the app.

With the Call Recorder feature, you can either set it to record all calls automatically or manually record only the calls that you want to save. Moreover, you can share your recorded calls on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter etc.

Incognito Mode

CallApp is pretty keen on user privacy. That’s why they offer a feature called the Incognito Mode that allows you to hide any particular number from the public eye.

Once a number is set to the Incognito mode, it will neither appear in the call log nor will any SMS notifications, call reminders, or pictures from them be displayed. This way the Incognito Mode offers you complete privacy and piece of mind.

Call Reminder

Be it stay-at-home moms or working professionals, your daily routine can get pretty overwhelming causing us to miss out on making some important phone calls. CallApp’s Call Reminder feature is made to cope with just that.

You can add a call reminder for anything – be it a loved one’s special day or a work-related call. Just add the call reminder to the calendar app in your phone or to any of the contacts in the CallApp itself. You’ll receive notifications on the set day, date, and time.

Call customization

When I say that CallApp gives you a comprehensive calling experience, I mean it. The app offers you to customize any or all of your contacts, plus the app itself with beautiful themes and custom ringtones.

One of the best customization features is to add video ringtones. You can either choose from a collection of beautiful videos or upload one of your best memories as a video ringtone and assign it to any contact. Your chosen video ringtone will be displayed on the incoming call screen.

There’s also an option to customize call buttons in terms of shape, layout, and which way you want them to slide. You can also choose between a light or dark theme for the app itself. In short, you can customize every aspect of your incoming call screen.

Analytics and Insights

In today’s day and age, analytics and statistics play a vital role in understanding patterns and habits. Hidden to this, CallApp gives users a wonderful Analytics and Insights feature that gives you solid stats on any contact.

The Analytics and Insights feature provides numbers and patterns related to total call duration, outgoing calls, incoming calls, missed calls, and other such information. Also, you can check these statistics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


To Conclude

Vishing isn’t uncommon and anyone can fall for a call scam or vishing attempt, provided they are not vigilant enough. Call scams result in not only financial loss but your personal information can be used for dangerous purposes as well.

But as vishing fraudsters are coming up with newer ways to scam people, so should you adapt to the new technology to keep yourself safe from them.

CallApp is a wonderful tool that helps you safeguard your privacy and security by keeping you aware of who’s calling. In fact, due to the versatile nature of CallApp you can do more than that. It gives you a unique calling experience and full control over what you want to do with the incoming and outgoing calls.

If you’re not convinced enough, download the free CallApp yourself and enjoy the experience. And do let us know of your comments.