Solution to: PayPal Limited Account Access

After providing the method on how Malaysians can withdraw from PayPal with VMI Virtual bank Debit Card, many (and I really mean a lot) soon came back to me asking questions like: Is VMI safe? (answer:yes) Have you really withdraw from it before? (answer:yes) I’ve heard people withdrawing with VMI and got slapped by PayPal with Limited Access Account, is that true (answer:yes) Have you encounter an Limited Access Account before too? (answer:yes)

What’s PayPal Limited Access Account

PayPal monitor closely on our daily activities, and when they find your transaction suspicious they will hit the button. And when PayPal suspend your account and slap you with Limited Access Account, you pretty much can’t perform any transactions until problem is solved. Here’s generally your restriction when account is limited by PayPal:

  • No accepting of incoming funds
  • No sending funds
  • Unable to close and terminate account
  • Limited view to reports

You account is basically freeze until problem is solved.

Solving Limited Access Account

I’d say Limited Access Account is like chicken pox for online money makers for Malaysians; you’ll get it, it’s just a matter of time unless you do not withdraw funds from PayPal directly. It’s really nothing to much to be worry about (unless you are dealing with dirty business that makes your funds unexplainable), its just a normal PayPal protocol to reverified one’s account. Reason why I think most Malaysians freaked out on Limited Access Account is because that’s your first direct withdrawal and you think you’ve done something terribly wrong that will lead to account terminations or there goes all your money. Like I said, PayPal monitors closely, especially on withdrawals to personal bank account. If they find your account risky, you need to prove where/how you got this funds and location you are transferring them to. Firstly PayPal will require you to prove that you are the authorized user of the account, you will need to send them:

  1. Copy of your utility bill
  2. Copy of driver’s license, IC or passport

Make sure these that you send matches the information in your PayPal account.

Here’s come the most important part. PayPal also wants you to prove your few previous transactions you’ve made and that involves information on your funds, your PayPal account and your bank account.

Your Funds

PayPal wants to know the relationship between you and the person who send you these funds; whether they purchase goods from you, you’ve provide them service, you do paid post for them, you sell links, etc PayPal wants to know.

Your PayPal account

Print screen your recent transactions in PayPal. Make sure you include the transaction details between you and the person who send you these funds.

Your Bank account

Prove to PayPal you are the legit owner of the particular bank account, provide print screen of recent months bank statement would be good.

FYI: VMI does have banking statement, you might want to include that too.

Compile all your documents together, make sure you filled up the Fax Cover explaining in brief the attached documents you are sending. Fax them over and wait for PayPal to further contact you. If documents are relevant, your PayPal account will be restore in about 5 business days.

Information Insufficiency

Sometimes information you faxed over just ain’t enough. PayPal will then send you an e-mail, giving you guides on what they want to see more. These documents varies, depending on individual cases so I can only guide you this far. If you are having hard time understanding what PayPal want from you, talk to those who have recovered from PayPal Limited Access Account.