Easier Ways to Withdraw Money from PayPal and Google AdSense

Here are some good news for bloggers or those who make money online. You now have easier ways to withdraw your money from Paypal and Google AdSense.

Withdraw AdSense with Western Union

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If you are staying geographically far from United States, you are probably waiting weeks for your AdSense check to arrive, and another few week for local bank to clear the check before you can withdraw these cold hard cash.

Google AdSense now provides an option,you can withdraw your money through Western Union. Western Union service is available in CIMB Bank as well as some Pos Bank branches. Click here to see a step by step guidance on how you can withdraw AdSense money through Western Union


My AdSense check is sent to my Malaysia home address. It took 3 weeks for the check to arrive and another 4 weeks for CIMB bank to clear the check. Withdrawing through Western Union is definetely a turbo approach to convert your AdSense check into cash. However the troublesome part is that you have to get these following information prepared before you can receive your money:

  • Western Union MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
  • IC/Passport
  • Amount to received
  • Sender’s Address (Google)


Withdraw Paypal with credit/debit card

I’ve written how you can withdraw with VMI but I guess that not really required now if you have a credit card or debit card with Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard. There is an option in Paypal that allows you to transfer your money from Paypal to credit/debit card. Daily withdrawal limit is $500, each transaction will be charge a fee of $5. Read here for more information.


Malaysian local banks have yet to be recognized or added into Paypal for direct withdrawal. My guess is probably due to the fraudlence caese years back. Now that if you have a credit/debit card, you should not have a problem transfering your money from Paypal. I’m personally not having problem withdrawing from Paypal as I have a Singpore bank account directly attached to my Paypal account.