20 New Tech Words You Should Know

Hashtag. Podcast. Emoji. Streaming. A few years ago, these terms did not exist. In fact, they weren’t even real words. But now they are a part of our daily lives and have successfully been incorporated into our everyday jargon.

I mean, even commonplace phrases like "Google it" didn’t used to be a thing. Looking back, it’s crazy to think that these terms weren’t always a part of our daily vocabulary. So what else is to come?

Here are a few new words that we suggest you become acquainted with:

1. Digitize

(verb): The process of making something digital.

How to use it:

"Digitizing books into an eBook device was a brilliant idea."


2. Fakersation

(noun): A conversation that is faked for the sake of removing yourself from an unpleasant or awkward situation. (source)

How to use it:

"My date was terrible last night, so I used a fakersation to leave early."

3. Rankify

(verb): The process of making upsurges in life. (source)

How to use it:

"Sweet, I rankified my job and got promoted!"

4. Buffer

(noun): Temporary, short term storage of data in a memory bank while transferring a large amount of data.

How to use it:

"I don’t even remember what was on that test. I studied for it using the buffer method."

5. Moodle

(noun): An open source learning platform that is distributed freely, it primarily helps assist with e-learning. (source)

How to use it:

"I used moodle to get the info and earned an A on my exam."

6. Breadcrumbs

(noun): An option in a site that shows you where are in relation to the site itself. A tool that makes navigation easy.

How to use it:

"I’m so lost. Can we use breadcrumbs to find our way back to where we came from?"

7. Videotize

(verb): The ability of turning your message into a video, for your convenience and ease of access.

How to use it:

"Ever since Tasty videotized cooking, I’ve become addicted to watching people cook."


(verb): Using positive psychology to make yourself happier. (source)

How to use it:

"I happify by writing down three great things that happened to me at the end of every day."


9. GIFify

(verb): The process of turning an image into a GIF.

How to use it:

"That’s a hilarious picture. We should GIFify it."

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10. Loup

(noun): A new mode of transport that combines the accessibility of a bus route with the comfort of a private cab.

How to use it:

"The next bus isn’t for 20 minutes. Let’s just grab a Loup."

11. Gigaflops

(noun): A unit of measurement that detects computer speed and performance.

How to use it:

"My gigaflops at work today were pretty weak. I need to focus better."

12. Spendlytics

(noun): An analysis of your spending habits. (source)

How to use it:

"My credit card just got rejected. I need to monitor my spendlytics."

13. Hoot

(noun, verb): A method of crowdsourcing locals to get tips on the best places to go.

How to use it:

"We went to the coolest bar last night that a local Londoner hooted us about."

"I was hooting with a tourist from Australia last night."

14. Hi-res

(adjective): Refers to high quality that shows a lot of detail.

How to use it:

"His stories are so hi-res, it feels like I’m there."

15. Moo-Q

(noun): The interaction of mood and IQ.

How to use it:

"My moo-q is off today – I didn’t get enough sleep last night."

16. Peopleware

(noun): The role that humans play in technology, specifically in terms of computers.

How to use it:

"The technology of that app is great, but it doesn’t take peopleware into account so it’s less user friendly."


17. Commjacking

How to use it:

"I got commjacked when I connected to public Wi-Fi and they took my credit card info."

18. Uncloud

(verb): Managing, analyzing, and organizing your cloud storage. (source)

How to use it:

"Man, my place is such a mess. I should uncloud it and see what I actually need."

19. Whitelist

(noun): A list granting access/approval to certain entities that prove to be valid.

How to use it:

"We got on the whitelist for the restaurant’s reservation list, so we can brunch anytime we want there."

20. Flaming

(noun, verb): Similar to trolling, flaming is the act of posting offensive and insulting comments. This can be intentional or unintentional.

How to use it:

"Did you see the flaming going on in the Reddit New York board? Crazy!"

"All I was trying to do was answer someone’s question, but they flamed me for my opinion."

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