TagNameCheckr: Check Your Name’s Availability Across the Web

It is quite annoying to find out that your preferred username has been taken while filling out a login/ registration form for an account on a website. Thankfully, a website called NameCheckr can help ease the registration process by letting you check for name availability on a wide range of websites and domains across the Internet.

Using NameCheckr is relatively straightforward as all you need to do is to enter a name into the search box and press "Enter". The website would then begin scouting the listed websites to see if the name has been taken. If the name is available, a green checkmark will appear on the upper right hand corner of the website’s logo; if it isn’t, a red mark will appear at the same location.

domains availability

Aside from checking various social network services for name availability, NameCheckr also checks for name availability on a wide range of domains. This includes common domains such as ".com" and ,"net";, as well as more obscure domains such as ".cc" and even location-based domains like ".us" and ".ru".

If you’re looking to launch your own website sometime soon, NameCheckr is a great place to see if your name is available for use.

Source: Lifehacker