50 Absolutely Stunning 3D Street Art / Paintings, Vol. 2

From sixteenth century murals to present day streets art. 3D art has always been an important medium of displaying one’s artistic abilities to the general public. The magic in this art form is created by painting a 2D picture and viewing it from a specific angle or perspective that makes it look completely 3D.

Fueled by the internet’s capability to make anything globally viral, 3D street art has gained immense popularity nowadays. 3D street artists have become famous for producing breathtaking designs for famous brands or just for public recreation.

This post is a sequel to a series of stunning 3D street art pieces and features some of the best examples of this art form. Enjoy!

Awesome 3D Street Art & Paintings, Vol. 3

Awesome 3D Street Art & Paintings, Vol. 3

Have you ever came across a drawing or chalking on a street or pavement that seems strangely odd... Read more

Edgar Mueller

Third cave project (Ptuj, Slovenia)
Third cave project 3d art
Duality – Second of three ‘cave’ projects (Moscow, Russia)
Duality - Second of three 'cave' 3d art
Star Mild (Bandung Indonesia)
Star Mild 3d art

Street Advertising Services (SAS)

Shelterbox (London, England)
Shelterbox 3d art
Dolphin (London, England)
Dolphin 3d art
Swans (London, England)
Swans 3d art
TV Tiger (Berlin, Germany)
TV Tiger 3d art
Max Rules! (Abu dhabi, UAE)
Max Rules 3d art
Jamie Cullum’s new album (London, England)
Jamie Cullum 3d art
Brandon Trust bridge (Bristol, England)
Brandon Trust bridge 3d art
Jameson’s Cult Film Club (Liverpool, England)
ameson's Cult Film Club 3d art
Jameson’s Cult Film Club (Manchester, England)
ameson's Cult Film Club 3d art
A4e Road Trip (Wolverhampton, England)
A4e Road Trip 3d art
Unilever, Magnum Ice Cream (Essex, England)
Magnum Ice Cream 3d art
Ikea (London, England)
Ikea 3d art
English Heritage (Newcastle, England)
 3d art
Ropey bridge (London, England)
English Heritage 3d art
Going underground (London, England)
Going underground 3d art
London this way (Bath, England)
London this way 3d art
Put the Kettle on (London, England)
Put the Kettle on 3d art
Dirty Sewer (Manchester, England)
Dirty Sewer 3d art

Manfred Stader

Swimming Pool (Lodz, Poland)
Swimming Pool 3d art
Jinro, a Korean drink (Seoul, Korea)
Jinro 3d art
Sony Ericsson (Vilnius, Lithiuania(
Sony Ericsson 3d art
Lincoln Mercury TV advert (Los Angeles, USA)
Lincoln Mercury TV advert  3d art
Games Convention – Need for Speed (Leipzig, Germany)
Games Convention 3d art
Created for Green Week (Brussels, Belgium)
Green Week 3d art
BMW Berlin (Germany)
BMW Berlin 3d art
Awareness for Maritime Week (Brussels, Belgium)
Maritime Week 3d art
Anti-AIDS campaign (Oslo, Norway)
Anti-AIDS campaign 3d art
Waterfall in airport (Amsterdam, Netherland)
Waterfall in airport 3d art

Julian Beever

Crab Catching (London, England)
Crab Catching 3d art
Santa Claus (London, England)
Santa Claus 3d art
Two Worlds
Two Worlds 3d art
Accident Railway Station (Zurich, Switzerland)
Accident Railway Station 3d art
Accident Building site (Vienna, Austria)
Accident Building site 3d art
Slate Whiskey (Glasgow, England)
Slate Whiskey 3d art
Portable Computer (London, England)
Portable Computer 3d art
Bank (London, England)
Bank 3d art
Rescue (London, England)
Rescue 3d art
Ballantines (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Ballantines 3d art
Beneath every street (London, England)
Beneath every street 3d art
Coke (London, England)
Coke 3d art

Tracy Lee Stum

Cliffs of Curacao (Curacao)
Cliffs of Curacao 3d art
Really hot Asphalt (Florida, USA)
Really hot Asphalt 3d art
Mousetrap (Florida, USA)
Mousetrap 3d art
F1 Car at the Singapore Grand Prix (Singapore)
Singapore Grand Prix 3d art
Caution Steep Grade E3 Expo (Los Angeles, USA)
Steep Grade E3 Expo 3d art
National Train Day (California, USA)
 3d art
Lions Gate. China.
National Train Day 3d art