Top Mobile App Development Companies in The USA

The journey of an entrepreneur is filled with challenges that become apparent only when you’re knee-deep in the process. The years 2019 and 2020 had a significant impact on businesses, with Covid-19 being the main culprit.

One of the most noticeable effects was the simultaneous loss and acquisition of customers. New businesses were hit the hardest, with reports indicating that 7 out of 10 faced such challenges.

To overcome these obstacles, businesses need alternative strategies. In 2023, technology plays a crucial role in modern business operations, simplifying complex tasks and making them more manageable.

Mobile phones are ubiquitous and have seen significant advancements. In this context, app development emerges as a transformative phase in technology, establishing a strong presence in our digitally optimized world.

These advancements facilitate quick global connectivity. They enable you to stay in touch with people and events from every corner of the world.

The Expanding Landscape of Mobile App Development

The mobile app market has been on a fascinating growth trajectory since the inception of the first mobile phone in 1984. Over the past five years, the industry has undergone significant transformations.

New app developments and technological innovations have become key driving forces for individuals and businesses alike. Companies are increasingly adopting mobile apps as a standard practice.

Over time, mobile apps have evolved into a preferred choice for conducting various operations. The primary motivation behind app development is clear: according to statistics, 64.5% of consumers have turned to mobile apps, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

Technology is ever-changing and will continue to evolve. Experts anticipate that future trends will be shaped by past and current developments in the app market.

According to projections, the total revenue growth of the U.S. app market is expected to grow at an annual rate (CAGR) of 8.77% from 2022 to 2026, reaching a market valuation of US$151.30 billion by 2026.

The Evolutionary Timeline of Mobile Apps

Let’s take a look at the historical timeline of mobile apps to understand how they have evolved over the years.

App development has undergone several changes, contributing positively to the advancement of mobile applications.

2003 Android was founded in California by Rich Miner and Andy Rubin.
2005 Google acquired Android for $50 million, introducing apps like Gmail to enhance user experience.
2008 Apple launched its first App Store with 552 apps, while Android also released its operating system.
2009 Samsung introduced its app store, developed by Samsung Electronics.
2011 Opera Mobile Store was launched, offering a platform-independent browser for mobile phones.
2014 Google Maps added physical features.
2015 Google enhanced its system with automated tools and human oversight for malware detection, along with a new rating system.
2016 Apple focused on improving app discoverability.
2018 The latest version of Android 9.0 was launched.

With the development of such versatile and comprehensive apps, the industry continues to progress. Market demands are evolving, and consumers are increasingly seeking a seamless user experience.

Why Do Businesses Need an App?

There are multiple compelling reasons for businesses to consider developing mobile apps. This is particularly true for companies aiming to enhance their digital presence.

One of the primary drivers is the booming e-commerce sector. For instance, e-commerce sales in the USA reached $870 billion in 2021.

Apps have garnered significant attention worldwide, offering various advantages to businesses, especially Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Having a business app can eliminate communication barriers between companies and consumers, fostering a more interconnected environment.

Continuous communication through an app can lead to increased customer engagement, which is crucial for business growth.

Enhances and Builds Customer Loyalty
Integrates and Simplifies Online Shopping
Keeps Track and Collects Data on Potential Customers
Enables the Use of an Omnichannel Experience
Facilitates the Study of Customer Behavior

A study posed the question: How Do Customers Use Mobile Retail Apps?

A survey of approximately 400 consumers revealed that the primary use of apps is for making purchases. One of the most popular features among users is the ability to claim offers. Following that, users appreciate the option to view and review product photos.

Key Takeaway:

Convenience is paramount. It’s essential to prioritize features that meet customer demands.

Key Considerations When Hiring App Developers

The demand for app developers in the business landscape is soaring, particularly in the U.S. mobile market, which is experiencing unprecedented growth.

Finding a reliable and competent app development company can be a challenging task. Factors such as location, company size, and area of expertise should be considered when making your choice.

Additional Factors to Consider:

  • Cost and fees associated with the platform.
  • The variety and number of apps they have developed.
  • The company’s years of experience in the field.
  • The opportunity to meet developers and designers in person.
  • The range of markets they have served.
  • Expertise in both frontend and backend development.
  • The company’s annual turnover.

These criteria can guide you in selecting an app development company in the U.S., helping you understand what parameters to set before beginning your search.

Additionally, the following list can offer further insights into choosing the right app development company.

Top 15 Mobile App Development Companies in the USA

The United States is a leading player in the mobile app development industry, producing top-ranking apps across various sectors, from online shopping to sports apparel. The U.S. app development landscape is thriving, with companies offering a wide range of specialized services.

Given the daily emergence of new mobile apps tailored to meet client needs, the U.S. boasts a vibrant app development market. With nearly 7,000 mobile app development agencies operating in the country, identifying the best among them can be a daunting task.

This list aims to guide you through the top app development companies in the U.S., delving into their unique qualities and exceptional services. While you may already have some knowledge in this area, choosing the right mobile app development company can still be a complex decision.

Below are the top-selected companies that serve as a reliable guide for those seeking expertise in developing iOS, Android, hybrid, and cross-platform apps in the United States.

1. Glorium Technologies
Swenson He website screenshot
  • Location: 100 Overlook Center, 2nd Floor, Princeton, NJ 08540 USA
  • Year of Foundation: 2010
  • Service Focus: Custom software development – 70% Web development – 20% Mobile Application Development – 10%
  • Area of Expertise: .NET, Angular, NodeJS, Android, iOS – iPhone

Glorium Technologies operates as a technology consulting and engineering firm, specializing in comprehensive digital solutions for the Healthcare and Real Estate sectors. The company covers the full spectrum of software development, from initial planning to construction and ongoing maintenance.

With more than a decade of experience, Glorium Technologies has established a strong reputation for quality, combining cutting-edge technology, skilled personnel, and efficient processes.

The company aims to assist innovators in the US market in converting their ideas into profitable products that bring meaningful impact. For those in search of a reliable software development partner, Glorium Technologies is open for consultations.

2. Retrocube
Retrocube website screenshot
  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Year of Foundation: 2015
  • Service Focus: 75% Consultation, 20% Artificial Intelligence
  • Area of Expertise: Voice Chat Integration, React Native, PHP, Azure

Retrocube has established itself as a cornerstone in the U.S. app development industry. They specialize in creating robust apps across various sectors, including gaming, enterprise, and healthcare. With years of experience, they are approaching a decade in the app development field.

Known for their expertise and skilled development team, Retrocube adheres to a professional and transparent workflow. They offer budget-friendly solutions, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Many global leaders have praised Retrocube’s work. Over the years, they have diversified their offerings to develop cutting-edge apps, keeping pace with trends in IoT, Augmented Reality, and React Native.

Currently, Retrocube is focused on creating immersive apps to enhance user experience. They are also exploring blockchain development models to help businesses streamline their operations. In addition, Retrocube provides services in app design, auditing, and performance optimization.

3. Algoworks
Algoworks website screenshot
  • Location: Sunnyvale, CA
  • Year of Foundation: 2006
  • Area of Expertise: Xamarin, HTML5
  • Service Focus: 60% Mobile App Development, 50% Enterprise Solutions

Algoworks stands as another remarkable player in the U.S. app development scene. Recognized as a leading digital transformation company, they specialize in web and mobile app development. They have formed partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft and AWS.

With a portfolio boasting over 550 apps, Algoworks has received accolades such as “Top App Developer” by Clutch and “Top Consultant” by Crowd. Their team follows a meticulous ideation process, conducting in-depth studies to create flawless apps.

They also excel in iOS app development, catering to businesses from various domains. Utilizing modern strategies and iOS SDKs, they deliver apps with impressive interfaces to meet diverse business needs.

On the technical side, Algoworks employs prestigious coding frameworks like Xamarin, a C# cross-platform tool suitable for both small and large enterprises. They also incorporate modern elements into their app development process, utilizing HTML5 to create business-centric, cross-platform apps.

4. Naked Development
Naked Development website screenshot
  • Location: Irvine, CA
  • Year of Foundation: 2013
  • Service Focus: 60% Mobile App Development, 10% Mobile and App Marketing
  • Area of Expertise: Custom App Development, JavaScript

Naked Development combines strategy and creativity to deliver exceptional apps. They work closely with clients, establishing partnerships to build trust and bring next-generation branding and marketing ideas to life.

They prioritize research over assumptions, earning them a prominent spot among top app development firms. Their dedication to quality is evident in their work.

Their app development process involves meticulous design and strategy, aiming to release flawless products. They focus on discovering, designing, developing, and eventually deploying apps.

Primarily serving small businesses and enterprises, Naked Development specializes in industries like media, arts, and eCommerce. They have the expertise to overcome any technical challenges.

5. Altoros
Altoros website screenshot
  • Location: CA, USA
  • Year of Foundation: 2001
  • Service Focus: 50% Mobile App Development, 25% Custom App Development
  • Area of Expertise: Mobile App Solutions, Blockchain Software, Consulting and Prototyping

Altoros specializes in app development, with expertise in technologies like Python, Angular, and React Native. They also work with Kotlin and Flutter to develop high-quality apps.

Utilizing modern programming languages and solutions, they excel in optimizing app performance. They are known for their compelling UX designs, which help businesses make a lasting impact on clients.

Each project aims to meet specific goals and expand the client base. They also focus on advanced features like bug fixing to cater to a diverse audience.

6. Sidebench
Sidebench website screenshot
  • Location: Santa Monica
  • Year of Foundation: 2012
  • Service Focus: 50% Mobile App Development
  • Area of Expertise: Design and Development Consultancy, Custom App Development

Sidebench is an award-winning app development agency based in the USA. With a team of forward-thinking developers, they aim to revolutionize the relationship between humans and technology.

As a top app developer, Sidebench boasts an efficient team skilled in creating high-quality apps. Their development process involves meticulous planning, analysis, and user research.

With extensive experience in the field, Sidebench has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing app development companies in the USA.

7. December Labs
December Labs website screenshot
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Year of Foundation: 2014
  • Service Focus: 30% Mobile App Development, 40% UI/UX Design
  • Area of Expertise: Innovative App Solutions, Native and Hybrid Apps

December Labs specializes in both app development and business growth. With multiple offices in the USA, they have a stellar team of developers, architects, and researchers.

Known for their cutting-edge UI/UX designs, December Labs stays ahead of the curve by adopting the latest app trends and programming languages. They excel in developing both native and hybrid apps using a robust tech stack.

December Labs employs a refined team of full-stack developers, DevOps, QA engineers, and UX designers. They focus on agile mobile app development and ensure the smooth operation of the apps they create.

8. Mercury Development
Mercury Development website screenshot
  • Location: Aventura, FL
  • Year of Foundation: 1999
  • Area of Expertise: Quality Test Assurance, Augmented Reality Apps, Full Stack Development
  • Service Focus: 60% Mobile App Development, 30% Custom App Service

Mercury Development is a leading name in the app development industry. They offer a range of services, including full-stack development, app design, and quality assurance testing.

If businesses seek a high-maintenance workflow, Mercury Development specializes in creating top-notch applications. Their expert teams handle complex tasks to accelerate business growth.

With nearly thousands of apps built for iOS and Android, they utilize in-demand coding languages and the latest technology facets.

9. Messapps
Messapps website screenshot
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Year of Foundation: 2013
  • Service Focus: 50% Mobile App Development, 30% Web Development
  • Area of Expertise: Cross-Platform Apps, and iOS Apps

Messapps has been a prominent name in the U.S. app development industry for nearly a decade. They offer a range of services from full mobile application development to app consultation.

Experts at Messapps specialize in developing cross-platforms and PWAs, along with apps for wearables, AR, VR, and AI-integrated features. They maintain the integrity of the apps throughout the development process.

In customer app development, they conduct audits to identify areas for improvement. They often recommend native apps to clients for enhanced usability and are expanding their expertise in UI/UX design.

10. Goji Labs
Goji Labs website screenshot
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Year of Foundation: 2014
  • Service Focus: 50% Mobile App Development, 50% UX/UI Design
  • Area of Expertise: Product Strategy, App UI/UX Design, IoT Development

Goji Labs is a prominent name in Los Angeles, specializing in helping new businesses enter the app development market. They have dedicated 50% of their services to mobile app development.

Ranked among the top 10, Goji Labs boasts a highly skilled team capable of tackling complex tasks with ease. They follow a unique approach that yields exceptional results.

The company is committed to creating top-notch apps, staying updated with the latest trends. They also focus on UI/UX design, shaping the architecture of the apps.

11. Blue Label Labs
Blue Label Labs website screenshot
  • Location: New York, NY, San Francisco
  • Year of Foundation: 2009
  • Service Focus: 60% Mobile App Development, 15% Web Development
  • Area of Expertise: AR, VR Design, TV App Development, App Marketing

Blue Label Labs are experts in app development, known for creating trendy and high-demand apps. They have served some of the world’s leading businesses and have a decade-long experience in digital product strategy.

They specialize in strategic business consulting, user-centric design, and app engineering. The engineers at Blue Label Labs build apps with high market sustainability.

Committed to delivering quality, they employ Google-inspired methodologies and Agile development to enhance product capabilities.

12. Swenson He
Swenson He website screenshot
  • Location: Beverly Hills, CA
  • Year of Foundation: 2014
  • Service Focus: 50% Mobile App Development, 10-20% Digital Strategy
  • Area of Expertise: IoT, Digital Strategy, Product Designing

Swenson He boasts a passionate team of skilled professionals and has developed apps across various platforms. Their engineering team specializes in custom mobile and web solutions, earning them numerous awards.

The company invites businesses to collaborate on app development projects. Their team consists of experts with degrees from prestigious institutions and advisors who assist at different stages of fundraising and growth.

Swenson He focuses nearly 50% of its efforts on app development. Their services include UI/UX design, digital strategy, and building frameworks and CMS. They also offer MVP development for iOS apps to help clients understand their API.

13. Cheesecake Labs
Cheesecake Labs website screenshot
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Year of Foundation: 2013
  • Service Focus: 50% Mobile App Development, 10% Blockchain Development, 50% Multi-Platform
  • Area of Expertise: QA Testing, Blockchain, App Development, AWS

Cheesecake Labs is a notable player in the app and web development market, known for providing comprehensive business solutions. They excel in building native apps for iOS and Android and have expanded into cross-platform app development.

With a focus on consulting, they assist new and small businesses in formulating effective app strategies. They have established a strong reputation in the industry and now have a team of over 100 professionals.

The company aims to deliver top-notch, immersive apps by fostering a multidisciplinary team environment. They combine innovative tactics and expert consulting to craft the best digital solutions.

14. Utility
Utility website screenshot
  • Location: New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX
  • Year of Foundation: 2013
  • Service Focus: 60% Mobile App Development, 20% Web Development
  • Area of Expertise: Web Designing, Custom Mobile Apps, Flutter

Utility is a renowned firm in the USA, known for its premium apps and designs. They cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.

The company prides itself on its well-rounded team that aims to make app development comprehensive and approachable. They maintain a professional demeanor and are focused on developing future-ready apps.

Utility works on research-based projects and builds strategies for high-quality, customized apps that gain traction and succeed in the market.

15. Science Soft
Science Soft website screenshot
  • Location: Detroit, USA
  • Year of Foundation: 2011
  • Service Focus: 40% Mobile App Development, 30% Cloud Consulting
  • Area of Expertise: Node.js, HTML5, Azure, Cloud Native Apps

Science Soft is a one-stop platform for development and consultation, serving some of the biggest business names globally. The company focuses on machine learning and aims for excellence.

They have developed over 350 quality mobile apps with exceptional UI and UX designs. Science Soft is a trusted choice for businesses seeking mobile app solutions.

Expert in the app development domain, Science Soft builds native, cross-platform, and enterprise apps using technologies like Xamarin, Flutter, and Wear OS. They are also expanding their expertise in mobile design and backend development.

Bonus: Appinventiv
Appinventiv website screenshot
  • Location: Manhattan, NY
  • Year of Foundation: 2014
  • Service Focus: 70% Mobile App Development, 20% Custom Software Development
  • Area of Expertise: iOS and Android Apps, IoT, Chatbots

Appinventiv is a prominent name in app development, operating not only in the USA but also in 64 other countries. They excel in both app development and custom software development.

The company is up-to-date with the latest technologies, utilizing stacks like Kotlin, Swift, AI/ML, and Angular. They focus on full-cycle development, from ideation to design, aiming to create comprehensive and attractive apps. Additionally, they offer multilingual app development to cater to a diverse client base.

Since its inception, Appinventiv has garnered a prestigious clientele. Their team of experts continually explores and shares innovative strategies and technologies to benefit their clients.