Top 5 International Mail Forwarding Services for Shoppers

These services operate by giving you a unique ‘US address’ to key in when purchasing something from a US store. Once the forwarding company receives your item, it’ll then be forwarded to you.

Of course, there is an extra price to pay for this shipping service, but it still beats the price you pay for purchases with a local retailer.

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1. Shipito


Shipito doubles as a storage space for you and will ship out your wares using the shopping method you chose. By registering for an account with them, you will get an email notification when your purchases arrive there.

They will keep it for 90 days max and will send it to you as individual packages or consolidate a few before shipping them based on which service plan you opt for.

Consolidated packages can earn you savings, so although it costs $50 a year or $10 a month, it is probably more worth it if you have a lot of purchases.


MyUS has three types of accounts consisting of a standard (for the occasional buyer) and two premium (with monthly fee) accounts (one for consolidating packages, the other with mail, and catalogs included).

With the standard account, you can’t choose for when the packages are shipped – they are shipped automatically by the service. With the Premium account, you can ask them to hold your shipment.

3. Borderlinx


With a free Borderlinx account, you’ll get a US and UK address you can use during online shopping. Their main courier is DHL which is very reliable. Their service also includes repackaging and consolidating multiple packages to save you money.

In the member’s area, you can calculate the estimated cost, track your shipping, and check your items on the waiting list. For more information, you can always check out the website or its FAQ.

4. ComGateway / HopShopGo


HopShopGo is powered by the forwarding service ComGateway and features a BuyForMe service where they can purchase items for you.

There is also a useful time & cost calculator that you can use to estimate when you will receive your package. Other services include repackaging your item, so the shipping is cheaper and consolidating multiple packages to be shipped together.

5. vPOST


Upon registering for vPost, you’ll receive addresses for the US, Japan, and Europe, which means you can shop from the websites there. vPost however, only ships to 5 countries: Singapore, Australia, India, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Because they only ship to these five countries, they sometimes have shipping discounts when you pay with a local credit card.

Their services include a shipping calculator and the ability to consolidate multiple purchases before shipping it together to your address.