Macro Photography II – 70 Beautiful Photos of Insects

Insect photography is challenging under the best circumstances. Think about it: you’re taking photos of something that is likely smaller than your little finger (and at largest is still probably smaller than your hand), has no reason to cooperate, and likely views you as a predator or is oblivious to your presence entirely. And even if you’re taking photos of dead insects, it still takes a lot of skill (and a good macro lens) to get the right focus and lighting.

The photographers who managed to snap the photos below all deserve some serious respect. They’ve managed to capture the beauty and complexity of some of the most beautiful specimens in the insect world. Look at their coloring, their structure, the way their bodies are segmented and let them inspire your designs. Whether you simply borrow a color scheme or go for something a bit more obvious, insects can serve as a wonderful source of artistic inspiration, one that is often overlooked.

Here are more photography related entries you might be interested:

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Source: FockLove


Source: PauliusC

Insect Series 3

Source: Grugster

Insect 08

Source: Josgoh


Source: Phaedrus-42

Insect vs Spider

Source: Afri


Source: TheRedGirl

The Insect

Source: VerzaubertRocken

Leaf Insect Shot 2

Source: Jakwak

Unidentified Insect

Source: Gerald Yuvallos


Source: Drvall

Insect On Wood

Source: Rockinxrebecca

Green Insect

Source: Abank


Source: Fuegomujer

Insect 01

Source: Josgoh

Insects With Attitude

Source: MJIphotos


Source: Diganta Talukdar

Spotted Cucumber Beetle

Source: Wolfpix

Metallic Green Insect

Source: Srini G

Insect Macro

Source: Publicenergy

Death To A Dragonfly

Source: Greekchickie


Source: Ennor


Source: CW Ye

Nasty Insect

Source: Geaannunziata

Green Insect

Source: Jaszczura

Insect Eye To Eye

Source: Saddogeyes

Insect 7

Source: Mewlo


Source: ZWincik

Insect 03

Source: Harry-Schoemaker

Spiny Leaf Insect

Source: Duskmoth

Dead Insect

Source: Noitu-lover

Cricket Macro

Source: Martin_Heigan

Insect Macro

Source: Salendron

Insect 33

Source: Josgoh

Hylotrupes Bajulus

Source: Selley

Tiny Red Cricket

Source: Garion

Insect Macros

Source: Josedeluna

Insect Macro

Source: Aidiwz

Shy Hopper

Source: James Jordan

Dead Insect

Source: Baton101

Insect Photo 3

Source: Blookz


Source: Mega-Ale

Rays Of Dawn

Source: Ageofloss

Mr. Insect

Source: MrStuart

He Can Fly

Source: Viand

Bottle Fly On Red Flower

Source: Erica_Marshall

Hawker Dragonfly Macro

Source: Mushi_king

Fly Extreme Macro

Source: Martin Heigan

Blue Fly in Flight

Source: David Reece

Blending In

Source: Kibondo


Source: DoeLay

Resting Insect

Source: Pusakal1402

Third Insect

Source: Owczak


Source: HVargas


Source: Le-Voyageur


Source: Jaydehawk

Red Dragonfly

Source: Sh0ggy

The Hanging Dragonfly

Source: SubterfugeMalaises


Source: Indja-art

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

Source: Motleypixel

Cinnabar Moth

Source: Nutmeg66

Columbia Silk Moth

Source: Furryscaly

Male Golden Birdwing Butterfly Bangkok

Source: Travlinman43

Grey Dagger Caterpillar

Source: Nutmeg66

Saddleback Caterpillar

Source: Cotinis

Pollinating Euphorbia Flowers

Source: Martin_Heigan

Yellow-faced Bumble Bee

Source: Maxi Millipede

Transparent Butterfly

Source: Thefost

Copper Butterfly

Source: Reini68

Butterfly In Hand

Source: DigiDragon

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