Lumio – The Versatile Book Lamp

Lightings play a huge role in creating the right mood, and the perfect ambience in a room, but the problem with the lighthing fixtures is that they are quite inflexible. Light fixtures are usually stuck to a wall or a ceiling. Lamps are the mobile alternative but they are rarely remotely interestingly designed.

Lumio changes all that. Created by Max Gunawan, an Architect / Industrial designer based in San Francisco, Lumio is the light source you can bring along with you, everywhere you go. And if you want it to stay in one spot, it can do that too. Best of all, you can store it up like it’s a book!

We found the concept behind Lumio very interesting. It’s a versatile, stylishly designed, and working light source. You can move from one place to another without Lumio leaving your side. Plus, it can be fixed upon a surface like a fan or a lantern design, or hung from the ceiling, giving you the room to be creative with your home decor.

lumio hanging

Lumio can be mounted onto a concrete wall or a metal surface with the use of magnets, specially designed by the creator to work on any surface.

lumio mount on wall

The cover of Lumio is made out of FSC certified wood which is water resistant. The magnets needed to hold Lumio up on any surface is encased in the cover.

three lumio cover

The Lumio has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can last up to 8 hours on a single charge, even with constant use of 12 hours a day. The battery for this lighting is not replaceable but worry not, as it can last approximately 5 years. The light source, a high output LED can last 6 years, and actually longer if you don’t mind a dimmer light.

lumio in bag like a book

The brightness can be controlled by adjusting the opening of Lumio. For example, if you want it to produce a lot of light, open up Lumio to 180 degrees. If you want it to produce a little light, just open Lumio a little. You can separately connect Lumio to a dimmer for better light control.

lumio uses

Although Lumio’s creator is looking for $60,000 to fund the creation and the production of Lumio on Kickstarter, currently, it has raised more than $300,000. Lumio project backers who pledge $95 for it now will receive a Lumio during the second batch of production and should expect to receive it around September 2013.