Showcase of Dazzling Light Painting Artworks

It can be said that light is the source of all art. It’s because you see an artwork by not only using your eyes, but also rely on the light that makes the art visible. But the situation is gonna be different in this post as the light is not only something that makes the art visible, but the main focus of beautiful artworks with help from light painters.

Yes, it’s called light painting, a cool photographic technique which aims to utilize light into something that can be drawn, mainly by lower shutter speed of the camera that captures the artwork. Painters then use different kinds of light sources like flash light, cathode, LED keychain or even candle to ‘draw’ the light, thus pushing it to become a beautiful artwork.

So how does it look like? Witness it by your eyes. We’ve handpicked 35 light painting works from creative authors using different kinds of light sources to show you what light painting is capable of. Enjoy these works and make sure you won’t be blinded by the beauty of light itself!

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Painting With Light

Bat(man) On Fire – Batman is back… with light painting. Both expression and use of lighting are badass.

Image source: Mina Mikhael

Batman On Fire

Bike – Nice use of color and lighting that brings out cinematic feel.

Image source: Sssampo


Blue Peter – What a badass worm with badass lighting. Awesome!

Image source:

blue peter - 05

Body Stretching – Overstretched, dude! Very unique approach used on this work, this painter got some creativity.

Image source: David Schlaich

body stretching

Cécile Frémont – Perfect combination of body art and Arabic calligraphy light painting, simply wordless.

Image source:

cecile fremont

dENiZEN 05 – Fantastic shot with cute artworks. The light streaks seem like they’ll taste good!

Image source:

denizen - 05

dENiZEN 08 – A great example of showing how simple lines can create beautiful light painting artwork.

Image source:

denizen - 08

Electric Guitar – Very nice shot and fantastic use of lighting, probably one of the most beautiful piece in this series.

Image source: Sean Rogers

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar 2 – How distorted it is! Perfect use of light waves that brings out the electric feel to the guitar, the messy bed background does add up the effect too.

Image source: Dan Clark

Fabia Light – I believe even the ugliest car in the world can look epic by adding in this effect, cool work!

Image source: JogiART

fabia light

Fire Dragon – The legendary twin-headed fire dragon. My god this work is freakin’ hot!

Image source: David Schlaich

fire dragon

Home Is Where the Light Is – I like the meaning of this work, and what makes this photo worthy is the large ‘O’ word synced up perfectly, which requires lots of effort and muscular memory to achieve that.

Image source: Wolcott Wilhelm

home is where the light is

Inferno Horse – Another freakin’ hot work done by the same author who did the ‘Fire Dragon’. You got the epic nerve, dude.

Image source: David Schlaich

inferno horse

Light Girl Taking A Break – A fiery work with fiery technique, hat off to the painter.

Image source: JacquiJSB

light girl taking a break

Light Graffiti Car – Perfect angle and proportion of the light car, impressive work.

light graffiti car

Marion Guillauteau – Another stunning combination of body art and Arabic calligraphy light painting.

Image source: Markbrown Photography

marion guillauteau

Max Ophuels Preis 02 – Charming neon-like effect. I’m wondering which kind of light tube is used to create this beautiful piece.

Image source:

max ophuels preis - 02

Moon Set – A close look on the Arabic calligraphy light painting, simply awesome.

Image source:

moon set

Poésie – This is probably the best artwork to show off the beauty of Arabic calligraphy, I believe it can’t be done without the love and passion to the Arabic calligraphy.

Image source:


Starwars Vs Startrek 01 – I love this, with only 2 dots and 2 lines, they made the entire photo different.

Image source:

starwar vs startrek - 01

The Angel – The sparkling effect is so pleasing that it brings out the angel’s feel, amen.

Image source: Tom Paton

The Angel

Thermodynamic Engineering – May the fire be with you. Phenomenal work.

Image source: Dennis Calvert

thermodynamic engineering

Digital Light Paiting – The ‘light eyes’ greatly adds up the feeling of insanity to the portrait. Very creative approach on painting wings, reminds me of the wings of angel Tyrael from Diablo 2.

Image source: Vancouver Film School


Working Late – Elegant shot. Loved the color used in light painting, which suits the envinronment very well that I can literally feel some warmth from this artwork.

Image source: Thomas Rockstar

Working Late


If you ask me which is my favorite piece of these artworks, I will probably say all. Light painting requires extreme effort and perseverance to create stunning works, not to mention that the artist has to recreate the artwork completely if he failed on first attempt. This is what I can see during the collection, and made me respect them all.

We enjoy to showcase you inspirational artworks, but we enjoy more by knowing your favorite artworks in this post, so please do let us know about it in your comments!