How to Enable Half-star Rating in iTunes [Quicktip]

In your iTunes, there’s an option to rate your collection of songs and videos from 1 to 5 stars but no half-star rating. With full stars, you only have five stages or ratings. Enable a half-star rating and you can get a ten-stage rating, making your ratings more precise. If you happen to have thousands of song collection, this can be really helpful.

In this quick guide, you will find out how to enable and disable half-star rating on iTunes without using any script.

Enable/Disable Half-Star Rating in ITunes

The half-star rating on iTunes can be enabled and disabled via Terminal. Open your Terminal found in Applications > Utilities folder.

1. Enable half-Star rating

Copy and paste the following command to Terminal and enter.

defaults write allow-half-stars -bool TRUE


Now open your iTunes. If it’s already open, quit and relaunch your iTunes. To use the half-star rating, click to rate and then drag the cursor to left and right to change rating by half-star.

Move cursor

2. Disable Half-Star rating

To disable the half-star rating, paste the following command on your Terminal and enter.

defaults delete allow-half-stars

disable half-star

Then quit and reopen your iTunes. When the half-star rating is disabled, your rating will be rounded to the lower half, e.g. if a rating was 4 and a half stars, it will be rounded to 4 stars.


The trick is simple, takes you no more than half a minute to set up, and now you can enable or disable the half-star rating feature anytime you want. Not that the moment you disable it, the half rating will not remain intact.