Host Your Static Website in Dropbox With Pancake

Dropbox is a premier platform for storing, backing up, and sharing files via cloud storage. Simply drop your files into the Dropbox folder and they will be synced within minutes, especially if shared with others. But, did you know that Dropbox also allows you to host a website?

Hosting your website on a free service like Dropbox can be a great solution if you’re on a tight budget. This is made possible and easy with a service called is a web service that enables you to host files on its * subdomain or even your own domain. Intrigued? Let’s explore how you can set this up.

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Setting Up Your Account

First, let’s create a Pancake account. Enter your email address, set a password, and once you’re signed up, connect your Dropbox account. Start by clicking the Connect Dropbox link in the menu bar.

Connecting Dropbox link on

This will redirect you to Dropbox, where you should sign in to your account and authorize to create a new folder named Apps > allowance settings on Dropbox
Upload Your Website to Dropbox

Assuming your project is ready, here’s a snapshot of my simple website, featuring a heading, a paragraph, and a button. Drop your website into the Dropbox folder within the Apps > directory.

Example of a simple website
Dropbox folder for
Start a Project

Next, create a project. Navigate to the Project page and click the big green button to begin.

Creating a new project on

Fill out the form with your Project Name and subdomain, ensuring the subdomain is at least 5 characters long. Then, select your website folder from the directory in Dropbox.

Selecting a folder in

Click the “Create Dropbox Project” button. You can now access your website via the specified subdomain.

Active website on subdomain
Implement a Custom Domain

If you prefer to use a custom domain, proceed to the Settings tab in your project and specify your domain. For example, I used

Setting custom domain in

Create a CNAME record pointing your domain to the * subdomain. Domain propagation might take 24 to 72 hours before your website becomes accessible under your custom domain.

Creating a new CNAME record
Custom domain activation

Wrap-Up has truly simplified publishing your static website – it’s as easy as pie! Just drop your website files into the designated Dropbox folder and watch it go live in seconds, without the hassle of traditional FTP. Plus, you can manage up to three projects from a single account, making it a convenient choice for personal and small-scale projects.