HeyPhoto AI Photo Editor Review

Change your mood on the fly with HeyPhoto's emoticon-based facial expression tweaks.

Advancements in generative AI technology have made it easier than ever to create beautiful artwork and enhance photos. Now, your creativity is the only limit, not your proficiency with complex design software like Photoshop. Thanks to the rapid progress in AI-powered tools, optimizing your images requires nothing more than the right tool.

I’d like to introduce you to HeyPhoto, a user-friendly, free online tool designed for photo editing. This tool not only allows for basic enhancements but also offers unique features like altering the gaze of your eyes in a photo or adding a smile to a less-than-cheerful image.

heyphoto website

Features of HeyPhoto

In a nutshell, HeyPhoto is a free, user-friendly online service that uses artificial intelligence to identify faces in uploaded portraits or selfies, and allows for various adjustments based on the selected tool, with the following capabilities:

  • Adjust the direction of the eyes’ gaze,
  • Transform the appearance to create a slightly different look,
  • Add a smile or adjust facial expressions using emoticons,
  • Change the gender representation, and,
  • Modify the age appearance, making it look either younger or older.

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Experimenting HeyPhoto

To demonstrate what HeyPhoto is capable of, I uploaded a basic portrait photo to evaluate the tool’s range of features.

original photo
1. Adjusting Eye Gaze

In HeyPhoto, the “Look at Bird” feature allows you to move a bird image around the original photo. Depending on the bird’s location, the gaze of the eyes in your portrait will adjust accordingly.

look at bird
2. Anonymizing the Face

This feature randomly alters the face, allowing you to keep your identity private and avoid detection by facial recognition systems.

anonimyze face
3. Adding a Smile

With this feature, you can adjust the level of happiness or sadness as needed.

4. Altering Gender Appearance

This “Gender” feature allows you to modify your face to look either more masculine or feminine.

5. Adjusting Age Appearance

You can also modify the age appearance of the photo, making you look either younger or older. It’s as if you’re meeting your future self or revisiting how you looked in your younger years.

6. Modifying Facial Expressions

The “Tweak Emotions” feature enables you to alter your facial expressions using emoticons to match any mood you wish. Here are some examples:

facial expression

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Last but not least, here are some questions and answers you might want to know about this tool.

How to Download Created Images

To download any images created with HeyPhoto, simply click the “Download” button located at the top right of the screen.

Is HeyPhoto Free?

HeyPhoto is free to use, but downloaded images will include a HeyPhoto watermark at the bottom. To remove the watermark, you can subscribe to its plan, which offers a 3-day trial and costs $19 per month or $99 per year. This subscription grants you unlimited access to the tool, along with unlimited edits and 60-day storage for your created images.

What Images Work Best with HeyPhoto?

For optimal results, it’s best to use high-quality photos where subjects are facing the camera directly. Slight rotations are also acceptable. You can modify photos up to 5 MB in size, with faces measuring up to 1024×1024 pixels. HeyPhoto will return images of the same size and quality as the source.

What Other Features Does HeyPhoto Have?

As of now, all available features have been discussed in the article above. However, HeyPhoto plans to introduce additional features in the near future, such as changing your hairstyle, skin tone, nose, and adding makeup.